Internet-Famous Skincare Products: To Be Trusted?

Internet-Famous Skincare Products: To Be Trusted?

The internet is such a powerful media that what goes from one person is easily shared towards the other. Nowadays, skincare has become a fad due to all the popularity different skin regimes the supermodels, bloggers and celebs have garnered. These types of skincare craze has no exemption to online fans, much more to the millennial folks. Skincare tips are already part of everyone's daily lifestyle, and people just can't stop craving for more. This 2019, these infamous skincare products has been breaking the internet barrier... and we're dying to try 'em out!

Derma Roller

This is the roller that has little needles known to be used in micro needling. When you usually have this done in clinics and aesthetic shops, the product can easily be purchased online. The needles helps in tricking the skin onto producing collagen through the micro-wounds it creates. This little gadget has been a famous one among internet influencers since it was tested and proven effective by them. Heads up, it can be a little uncomfortable.

Face Roller - Microcurrent Technology

This gadget comes in two types, the one with electricity and the one without. It is both however made to massage the muscles of the face for an instant face lift effect. As for the electice ones, it uses a so called microcurrent technology that helps in giving faster rasults. It’s another famous product that online shops gets out of stocks on these ones.

LED Light Face Mask

This face mask might look like a super hero costume, but we can say it is somewhat a superhero for your skin. Research have said that it is able to save your skin from aging and from problems like hyperpigmentation. What’s great is that it kills bacteria that might cause acne formation. Well true enough that LED light can actually be great in skin repair. It’s always worth the try.

Pore Brush

As the name suggests, it is a brush that is used to clean the pores. It rids the skin of all dirt and old skin which can possibly clog pores. This little product is very famous that most of the skin care shops has one version of this. Even influencers almost can’t forget about this when they talk about their picks on skin care products.

PMD (Personal Microderm)

Like what it’s name says as well, it’s a microdermabration gadget for you. When microdermabration are usually done in clinics for the machines that they use, you can now have a portable version of it. This is a highly assembled product that is designed to give the effects of microdermabration procedure. So... which one of these are you dying to try out this year?!