How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Between Your Waxing Sessions

So now that you are a regular waxer, simply going to your waxing salon or doing wax on your own every three or four weeks is not enough. Now that you are in the waxing game, there are some practices you should include in your routine in order to take care of those surfaces you get waxed regularly. Such things should be observed so that your skin would stay smooth as possible every after waxing.


Again and again, exfoliating is important. You do this before your waxing session, and it is also recommended that you exfoliate 3-7 days after your waxing session. So to say, just exfoliate regularly; though not immediately after waxing. Exfoliating, as we all know, removes dead skin cells. Exfoliating days after waxing helps the pores in your skin clear up so your new hair can grow “peacefully” so as to avoid ingrown hairs.


It is always important to moisturise. Moisturising your skin, most especially the areas where you usually get waxed can help your skin stay supple and become smoother as new hairs begin to grow.

Avoid tight clothes

At least a week after your waxing session, we suggest you keep away from tight clothes; so to speak the jeans. Why? Because as your hair tries to regrow and peak out of your skin, you might want to keep the surface clear so the hair folicle can grow freely. Having something covering the surface can actually stop the skin from growing out, thus ingrown hairs appear.

DO NOT Shave

It is quite understandable that sometimes if your hair starts to show, you just want to start clearing it immediately and you just can’t stop but grab the shave. We say just don’t. if you have been keeping your skin smooth and exfoliated, then growing hairs woudn’t be really a bother. Just wait until your hair grows to the right length and you can have your next waxing. Shaving can thicken the hair folicle. It would end up growing thick and uncomfortably rough.

If waxing has become a part of your life routine, then these skin care measure should also be included in it. Just take note of these few tips and you would always be good to go with a smooth waxed skin everyday.