How To Successfully Wax Your Eyebrows

How To Successfully Wax Your Eyebrows

There's nothing more daunting than having someone else wax your bikini area... what more, your beloved brows? Most often than not, we dig deep into our pockets to take a trip to the salon every few weeks because we're too afraid to take the leap and try it ourselves.

Let's start to get your brow waxing game on point.

First off, use lotion to make waxing a breeze.

The secret to perfectly waxing your eyebrows is applying lotion to the hairs you don't want removed. This is due to the consistency of the lotion stopping the wax from binding to the hair shafts. This leads to not having "all" of your hair ripped off when you wax your brows.

Using a wooden stick, shape the underneath portion of your brows.

While this takes enough precision, it's going to be essential in order to cover the hair but not letting too much wax seep unto your hair that you don't want to remove. Once you're done with the underneath side of one brow, do the same for the other brow. Make sure to only do a minimal cleanup in order to remove stray hairs outside of the brow shape that you want.

After waxing, use a natural oil wax remover.

You don't want any sort of chemical to get into your eyes, so make sure that you only use a natural oil to remove any remaining residue on your eyebrows. Apart from natural oil, you can also use an after-wax lotion or an aloe-based lotion in order to soothe the area of your skin's redness.

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Now, who's up for adding the brows to their waxing routine?