How To Stay Hair Free And Carefree For Long?

How To Stay Hair Free And Carefree For Long?

Who says hair free skin is only for summers? A lot many people! But I don’t believe them!

While the best part of the year when the hair removal industries blooms are summers, the sizzling bikini season, winters are the coziest months where intimacy with your partner stays on point! Besides, the raving Christmas parties and New Year's Eve are no less demanding!

The most common excuses for hair removal in winters:

  • My clothes will cover up my body anyway!
  • Salon costs will leave me broke!
  • It's way too cold to strip in the salon!

While your clothes might cover up your body, it might work outdoors. But what about those intimate moments with your beau? Now, what if I tell you that you can get hair free body right in the warm confines of your home? That too without spending a ton of cash at the salon?

Yes, that’s possible! From the pain-free body shaving to permanent IPL hair removal, have a quick glance at the top five ways to get a hair free body this winter. At home hair removal has never been easier, for, tis the season!

#1. Body Shaver | To Shave It All Off

Results: Last for a couple of days

Body Area: Legs, Arms, Bikini, Underarms

mello body shaver

Old is gold, and so is body shaving! The classic shavers are an all-time favorite for instant and quick results. While many lasses go for their beau’s shavers, others go for feminine ones, while the market is also flooded with many unisex body shavers.

The only downside of shaving is the prickly stubble that’s left behind and the possibility of cuts and bruises on your skin. Besides, the hair free results don’t last long enough and you’ll have to shave every other day.

Albeit, it still remains the cheapest option for a hair-free body, and whatever a woman does to get her hair removed you’ll definitely find a shaver in her closet.

#2. Epilator | The Modern Electric Shavers/trimmers

Results: Last for 30 days (a month)

Body Area: Legs, Arms, (in some cases Face)

mello 4 in 1 epilator

Epilators are a safer alternative to shaving. These can be used on the arms, legs, underarms. And some epilators even come with special heads to be used on the face. Needless to say, epilator hair removal simply trims the hair from the level of the skin surface. Though a tad bit deeper than shaving blades.

The results last for almost a month, while for some the hair may come sooner than others. The best part about epilators is that they are much faster and leave no bruises as collateral. Many variants come cordless, so once charged, you’ll be free to glide them on your body. Some. also come with an LED light to increase the visibility of tiny hair, when you are on the hunt.

These are not very expensive and are a one-time investment that stays by your side for long. Besides, you can carry them in your luggage for your vacations and work trips. The ones with Face and body heads are considered the best epilators are quite in trend these days.

#3. Dermaplaning | The Face Specialist

Results: Last for a few days

Body Area: Face, Neck

mello dermaplaning hair removal

Those tiny little hairs on your face are enveloping your complexion with their thin film. For first-timers, I would suggest to dermaplane only one side of your face see a noticeable difference before and after dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning also contains a blade that runs smoothly over your face. Just slow down if you have some speed breakers on the track, I mean acne or stuff. Albeit, dermaplaning is excellent removers of all the peach fuzz off your face. It leaves behind no bruises and is absolutely safe. However, you must be careful while choosing a dermaplaning device, the better safer.

But Dermaplaning comes with some additional perks too. Apart from the peach fuzz, they also take off a layer of dead skin. As a result, what you’ll get after is a smooth, brighter, younger-looking skin. Make sure to apply a moisturizer after use.

#4. Hard Waxing | Right From The Root

Results: More than a month

Body Area: Face, Arms, Underarms, Bikini, Legs

mello hard wax beans

Waxing is the eternal answer for a long-lasting hair free body. At the same time, it's the hard wax that is more suitable for wintertime than the usual soft wax used in salons. This is fairly the reason that waxing is quite expensive in most salons. Besides, it pulls the hair from the follicle and results last for more than a month.

However, DIY waxing has become way easier with the incoming of hard wax beans. These are not very flowy, do not drip and cause much less pain. At the same time, hair removal is simply epic and those with sensitive skin will find it less aggressive on their skin.

Also, you’ll need no strips for removing the wax and there’ll be little to no clutter. The best part? You can use hard waxing on both your face and body. Plus, you won’t have to stay undressed for long, or in the salon. Just buy a complete hard wax kit. Next, you’ll only have to invest in hard wax beans, as and when needed.

#5. IPL Hair Removal | The Real Pro

Results: Permanent or Super long term

Body Area: Face, Arms, Underarms, Bikini, Legs

mello ipl hair removal

If you wish to bid adieu to your body hair permanently, you’ll need IPL Hair Removal Device. What is IPL hair removal? IPL is only a bit different from Lasers, but the results are not much different. Only after a few sessions, you’ll notice a visible reduction in your hair regrowth cycle. And thereafter the duration could turn out to be everlasting.

The only con with IPL Hair removal is its inability to get off hair from darker skin tones or hair that are light in color. This is also a safe one-time investment towards a hair free body. Most users do not complain of any side effects and its much more affordable than the salons that’ll dig a hole in your pockets.

hair free body

If the chill is still hindering your quest for a hair free body, think of the perks of it.

  • Hair tend to grower in winter months.
  • You’ll not have to rush up to hair removal as soon as winter ends.
  • Why not get a complete session of hair removal and surprise everyone with no hair body when spring arrives?

Albeit, these are the top five ways to say bye to body hair from the cozy nook of your home. These DIY hair removal methods will also give you the privacy and help you save more to pamper yourself in the season. You deserve it!