How to Remove Hair at Home with Less Pain? These 3 products are AWESOME!

How to Remove Hair at Home with Less Pain? These 3 products are AWESOME!

Summer is here, and so is coronavirus! Therefore, now we have two reasons to try at home hair removal methods. Well, even before the pandemic hit us, I loved to indulge in some pampering sessions all by myself, which couldn’t feel complete without hair removal at home! People often ask me if removing hair at home is beneficial or not, therefore, today I shall tell you all the perks. I shall also share some really cool and super effective hair removal products that have been my saviour while staying at home throughout this time!

Perks of Removing Hair at Home

The biggest perk of removing hair at home is spending less money on salon sessions! Say bye-bye to all the hefty salon charges and invest in a one-time solution. Here are all the perks if you want to remove hair at home.

#1. At Home Hair Removal is Cost-Effective

 remove hair at home

Removing hair at home saves a lot of money, and I am sure most of you all would agree to this. Whether it is a waxing session or you are opting for a permanent hair removal procedure, you will be able to save quite a few bucks every time.

The procedures do not create any mess and leave you looking all pretty and glowy! If you aren’t comfortable with anyone else removing your body hair for you, these methods will definitely come handy. Now that we are at home, there is nothing as important as taking care of yourself. Therefore, indulge in some self-care sessions by waxing at home.

For those who aren’t really familiar with waxing, here are some tips!

#2. It Saves a Lot of Time

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Before getting your arms and legs waxed, you need to book an appointment at the salon. You need to see if the slots are open and then only you can proceed further. There are times when you need to attend a party/function and require only a quick fix and still have to wait for the appointment. While if you are thinking to remove hair at home, it becomes quite easy and saves you a load of headache. You can easily go forward without having to worry about an appointment. Yes, removing hair at home certainly is the best option!

#3. You will find it to be Very Convenient

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Whether you are using a wax-kit or are looking forward to a permanent solution, at-home procedures are super convenient. You can use these amazing products whenever you want without any hassle or supervision. These come with steps and instructions that can easily help you get hair-free whenever you want. Not only that, if you use an epilator, but you will also be able to remove even the most stubborn hair on your body.

#4. Pre and Post Wax Rituals at Home are Easy

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I have always preferred to exfoliate my skin before waxing. It helps to get rid of dead skin and makes the procedure more smooth by tackling ingrown hair. However, I found that waxing sessions in a salon were more exhausting and did not really cater to my skin’s needs. After I am all done waxing my body hair, I move forward and wash off with a mild body wash followed by a mild moisturizer.

Top Product Recommendation

All those years that I have been going to a salon, only made me realize that these steps can easily be followed at home. Here are some of the products that I find to be the most helpful, whether I need a quick fix or a complete hair-removal session. These products will help you achieve soft baby skin without any pain!

#1. Use an Epilator

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Epilators are truly life-saving. If you have one at home, you already know the perks! It helps to get rid of facial hair, eyebrow hair, nose hair, and sideburns. Convenient and clean, an epilator set can be used for various purposes for both men and women.

Try Mello’s 4 in 1 Epilator Set, which is super sleek and easy to use. You can use it for about thirty minutes straight and get the perfect results within no time! The attachments can be cleaned after use.

#2. Try Your Hands on a Waxing Kit

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This kit includes a wax warmer and wax which makes it easy for you to get the salon-smooth session right at home. My personal favourite is the Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty. It is safe and easy to get rid of the hair for a long-lasting result. The wax is gentle on the skin and also cruelty-free. Try your hand on this kit while you are at home and see for yourself!

Here are a few waxing rules for you to check out!

#3. Permanent Hair Removal Handset

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You must’ve heard about the laser treatment for hair growth. Well, it works wonder even when you think of doing it at home! Laser hair removal at home can help you cut the cost of salon sessions and get silky smooth skin within a few uses.

If you want to remove hair at home permanently, try Mello’s IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.

From day one, you will see the results adding more to your confidence. You can even use it on your face or for Brazillian right from the comfort of your home.

These three products are something that I can rely on always. To make sure you look gorgeous, even after setting your foot out after weeks of isolation, these products are a must-have. Next up, I shall be answering 20 questions about hair-removal at home, so stay tuned!