How to Receive Expert Facial Glow at Home

How to Receive Expert Facial Glow at Home

Getting into regular facial sessions at a salon means you need to take a few hours from your busy schedule. Now honestly, I am not against it; however, I feel like an expert facial glow at home is not only possible but also pocket-friendly. Moreover, you only need to perform certain steps, and if you master the procedure, you can get the skin that you have always dreamt of! Also, just how staying home is a much safe option than going out, this essential beauty routine will help you invest in some me-time!

Last time I talked about the different food items that must be incorporated in your diet. It is purely because face glow home remedies also comprise of the things you put in your belly. Therefore, taking care of your diet while making sure you give love to your skin generously will help you get crystal clear skin. Written below is a step by step guide for facial glow at home along with some essential beauty tips.

Step #1: Cleanse Well

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Leaving dirt and makeup on the skin causes excessive dryness and breakout. Therefore, cleansing should be a regular step in your skincare regimen. When your makeup stays on your face overnight, it allows the growth of a certain type of bacteria and yeast. Also, do not forget to remove your eye makeup as well.

To cleanse your face, use Mello's Electric Facial Cleansing Brush. It helps in the deep cleaning of the pores and also allows your skin to breathe.

If you are thinking of only cleansing your face, here are some after cleansing tips!

Step #2: Exfoliate the Dead Skin Cells

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Once you have cleansed your face, its time to get rid of the dead skin cells. It prevents your skin from renewing itself, which makes it difficult to glow. For the same, you can use ingredients that are already present in your kitchen. From oatmeal to lemon and baking soda, you can use plenty of natural exfoliators.

Apart from these natural exfoliators, you can also try Mello’s Microdermabrasion System. It cleans your skin, making it feel smooth and rejuvenated.

Step #3: Massage Your Face

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Just how working out is great for the body, your face needs a little workout too. The muscles in your face and neck also turn lazy with age. Therefore, a massage will boost circulation and tone the muscles. You can repeat this step every night before going to bed and improve muscle elasticity. Use Mello's Rose Quartz Face Roller on your face and around the eyes since your eyes can feel puffy and dehydrated. This exclusive gemstone has been used for centuries because of its amazing benefits.

Kick the lymph flow into gear and drain the excess fluid build up all across your face by massaging the roller gently over the contours for a glowy and radiant look.

Step #4: Steam Your Skin Problems Away

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An essential step in the facial glow at-home procedure is steaming your face. Instead of including it in just a facial, you can steam your face for a couple of minutes three times a week. It helps remove impurities and clear the skin pores. Apart from that, regular steaming also flushes out toxins by sweating.

Use Mello’s Facial Steamer Personal Sauna and get the best results in a few minutes!

Step #5: Mask Your Way to Glowy Skin

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Mask is yet again a super essential step in a skincare routine. You can either use your favorite beauty mask or make your own at home! The best way to pamper your skin is to use coffee and turmeric. Mix one teaspoon of coffee powder and turmeric powder in two teaspoons of curd. Mix them well and apply the paste on your face evenly. Let it stay for around 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with water. It will bring out the brightest side of your skin and give you a glowy look.

Another type of mask that comes first in face glow home remedies is Mello’s LED Mask. Its light therapy induces a glow that makes you stand out of the crowd. It truly is a complete luxury at an affordable price.

Step #6: Toning Plays a Great Role

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Now that you have gone through the major steps involved in facial glow at home use a mild toner, and apply it all over your face. It closes the open pores of the face and helps your face to remain neat and clean.

Step #7: Moisturize

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After toning your face, use your favorite moisturizer and give your face some love and pamper. It would be best if you do not apply any makeup or other heavy products for about a day and let your skin breathe.

Essential Tips for a Glowy Skin

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  • Do not touch your face every now and then.
  • Stay away from processed food.
  • Lower the intake of sugar in your diet.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • If your skin is acne-prone, do not pop the pimples.

You can easily receive a facial glow at home with the above-mentioned steps. For more tips to protect your skin from pollution and nourish it stay tuned!