How to Keep Your Body Acne Free After At home Waxing? | 8 Tips

Are you struggling to care for your skin post-waxing? The sight of acne that may get triggered after at home waxing session can be annoying. Body Hair removal by waxing can leave your skin a little sensitized and may need some time to recover. This needs you to be proactive and follow the right care methods before and after waxing at home.

The reaction on the skin can depend on the area that was waxed and your skin type. If you are considering face wax at home, we recommend a patch test. You can learn the technicalities of at home waxing with these tips to keep your skin healthy and hair-free in summers. In addition, we have listed some of the best tips to keep your body acne-free after at home waxing.

With the following tips, your skin will look and feel flawless for over four weeks. Additionally, there will be no bumps or rashes left by acne breakouts over the surface.

#1 Deep Clean Your Skin

This should be a must even while you are not waxing or using any other method of hair removal. Your skin can accumulate a layer of dead skin cells and oily gunk that can result in acne. Moreover, this can aggravate after hair removal triggering inflammation and breakouts in your skin.

Try to maintain a habit to deep clean your skin with a shower glove or a loofah. Use an exfoliating cream at least twice a week to ensure the removal of dead skin cells. Keeping your skin clean will prevent the acne-causing bacteria from growing. Besides this, your hair will come out easier from the roots and result in smoother skin.

#2 Pick the Right Products

Now, if you wish for a smoother skin after waxing, you need to choose the products that are sensitive skin-friendly. To be acne free after waxing, pick products like Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle and Wax Warmer by Mello Beauty.

This duo of hard wax and wax heater will result in perfectly hair-free skin without causing acne. Hard wax is considered to be the best wax for hair removal at home since it does not require high temperature to melt. Moreover, it is an easy solution for the best at home bikini wax for long-lasting results.

Also, avoid any harsh cleansers that can dry skin and any oily lotions that will result in blocking the pores of your skin. If your skin has clogged pores, it will lead to inflammation, hence causing acne.

#3 Avoid Touching Yourself

Too much touching and picking on your skin can transfer bacteria from your hands to the freshly waxed area. Since your skin is sensitive after the waxing process, it may be inflamed and tempt you to soothe it with your hands. But, try to avoid making this mistake as much as you can.

After an at home waxing session, leave your skin to heal on its own and do not feel to dive into the smoothness too quickly.

#4 Minimize Physical Activity Post Waxing at Home

It is a no brainer to avoid friction around your skin and any strenuous activity after waxing. Exercise will heat up your body temperature and will lead to sweating. This sweat will be a breeding ground bacteria that cause acne.

Try to skip working out for at least 24-48 hours after waxing your body. If you cannot do this, stick to a light workout or stretching session that will calm down your muscles. Also, do not work out right before waxing as the blood flow to the skin will lead to more pain.

#5 Hit the Cold Shower

After waxing, cold water on your inflamed, red skin will feel blissful. The cold water will help in relaxing the sore skin and reduce the inflammation. It will also help in receding the open hair follicle size to normal.

You can also spray rose water, witch hazel, or ACV toner a few days after waxing to prevent the onset of acne.

#6 Stay Easy Breezy

If you are used to wearing body-hugging clothes and fabrics, you may want to skip this one right after waxing. Tight clothing can be constricting to the body and result in acne due to pressure on the skin. Wear breezy clothes to let your skin breathe and heal after waxing.

Furthermore, you should try to skip wearing tight clothes in summers as they entrap the sweat and dirt. This is the ideal environment for the bacteria to grow and result in acne.

#7 Regular Skin Care At Home

For this, you will have to give up being lazy and maintain a regular skincare method that works for you. Your skin will be in a healthier condition if you practice care regularly. Use a soothing moisturizer post-waxing or calming gel with bamboo or aloe Vera extracts in it. This will maintain the skin barrier and help it bounce back faster after waxing.

Also, try to stick to a stipulated time interval when it comes to waxing. This will depend on your hair growth and texture and vary from four to six weeks.

#8 Let Your Skin Heal after Waxing

The above tips will help reduce the acne breakouts, but this one is in case if you get occasional ones. Do not touch or pop the acne anywhere on your body. It may seem tempting, but it will lead to more acne and even cause scarring on your skin.

Let your skin work independently to heal the acne and fade away on its own. You can apply a calamine lotion to soothe any pain and redness.

Now that you have all the dos and don’ts enjoy the experience of hair-free glowing skin after at home waxing. Wear your favorite dress or shorts while heading out and look like a diva.