How to get rid of acne marks with LED Face Mask?

Are you experiencing dull skin and heavy breakouts even after staying in for months? Is your skin being hard to tame even without a touch of pollution or makeup? Staying in because of the lockdown hasn’t been much help to the atrocities on your skin. To understand the major root cause you need to see what is lacking from your skincare. Is it too much skincare or too little. Learn how to deal with acne and how to get rid of acne marks.

We have it all mapped out for you to achieve clear, glowing skin.

Our skin is very notorious for making us go through all the chaos. You could be doing everything correctly and still experience issues like blemishes or acne. It’s an everyday battle to find one thing or another and to try to fix it with little to no tools. And overdoing the skincare rituals is also one of the factors for your skin, not healing or aggravating even more.

Using a lot of products can be counterproductive for your skin, and may result in more acne. Some products may even react with each other and make your skin issues more serious with time. This calls for a noninvasive method to repair and work gradually through those issues. Read along and learn how to get rid of acne with the use of LED Light Therapy Face Mask by Mello Beauty.

Major reasons for spotty skin during Lockdown

The lockdown has gotten us all crept into a haywire schedule. There is no set time for meals and don’t even start about the maddening sleep schedule. It’s with everyone that juggling so many things from home has become even more stressful. As a result, our skin, health, and fitness are suffering.

There is a possibility you may be experiencing dull and spotty skin during the lockdown. Eliminating polluted streets or junk food did not seem to have much effect on the condition of the skin. And we were expecting a miracle here.

We speculate that any huge change in the routine, diet, and stress level can cause your skin to suffer in ways like never before. The lockdown has hands down been a stressful ride for everyone. Lack of sleep, too much alcohol or too little nutrients in the diet can lead to spotty skin.

Moreover, the change in your hormone with a pattern of changes in other factors can cause some serious damage. What’s worse is if you don’t take care of this soon enough, your skin can get permanently damaged. Stress can lead to early signs of aging in your skin and make you seem more tired.

When we are stressed, we seem to take the way of lethargy and indulge in comfort food. If your skin is breaking out too much, the reason could also be the tub of ice cream you finished last night. Additionally, if you are consuming too much sugar in your diet, it may impact your skin with acne breakouts.

Now, it’s not impossible to deal with the stress culprit, Cortisol hormone, but you need to be disciplined with your diet and skincare along with a fitness activity. You cannot fix everything about your routine but, you can reduce the intensity of these factors by being mindful of your skincare. Pick the products that work for you and eliminate the use of harsh cleansers.

How to manage your skin in the lockdown?

The first goal for you should be to focus on getting the needed six to eight hours of sleep. Then, you need to maintain a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you can add supplements like folic acid, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C to give a boost of health to your skin. Also, try to get some Vitamin D from the sun, which improves the cell repair in your body.

Now, if you are someone following a ten-step skincare routine, you need to stop if it’s not working. And, if you are being lazy with your skincare and cannot get yourself to do it even once a day, then you need to get off your bed. Both extremes are not good for the skin and are damaging.

Find a simple skincare regime consisting of a mild cleanser and a decent moisturizer. Make a rule of putting on sunscreen even if you are staying indoors. Don’t forget to put on moisturizer before bed after cleansing your skin again.

You can also add some face masks like sheet masks or electrical LED masks to repair your skin and fight spotting and acne. Applying a soothing and detoxifying mask will also keep your pores in check. Threading and plucking can leave your skin inflamed so that you can switch to a noninvasive hair removal like IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset by Mello Beauty.

How to get rid of acne marks?

We all can acknowledge how difficult it is to get rid of stubborn acne marks and ongoing acne outbreaks. Applying Dead Sea mud and apple cider vinegar toner are some of the home remedies for acne marks on the face. The healing properties of Dead Sea mud will help in the reduction of acne marks. Also, the acidic nature of ACV will gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a new layer of skin.

Some of the acne marks treatment like LED face mask can also be done from the comfort of your home with an easy to use device from Mello. The LED face mask benefits include repairing the damage, killing bacteria that cause acne on the skin. Moreover, the mask will help in minimizing the pore size while detoxifying the skin.

With the activation of collagen, your skin will look brighter. This will also delay the aging signs and help you look younger. The different wavelengths of light will help your skin feel soft and healthy over time. There are no harmful chemicals or invasive procedures involved. Hence your skin will gradually reduce the number of acne breakouts.