How to Fix Dry Skin in Winter?

Winters is excellent for snuggles in a soft blanket with your favorite book. However, the change in temperature and dry air may make your skin dry and flaky. It is not a pleasant experience to deal with constant dry skin, no matter how much lotion you put on. Several reasons such as hot baths, drying ingredients in your skincare, and high indoor temperature affect the way your skin feels. These symptoms are manageable with proper skincare regimen. Here are some practical ways on how to fix dry skin in winters.

Even if your skin is scaly and dry, you still have time to turn it around with some simple yet effective skincare rituals. If you have flaky skin on the face that won't heal on its own, you may need more active and healing ingredients in your products. Moreover, changing a few lifestyle habits may benefit in clear and glowing skin. Also, learn how cold weather affects your skin’s health

Create an indoor skin-friendly space

As you know the air indoors is dry due to room heating and colder outdoor temperature. So, placing a humidifier in a room, you spend most of your time may create moisture indoors. This will help your skin's top layer to absorb the moisture, and the dryness will reduce.

Moreover, it will help in healing the skin barrier by creating a moderate moisture-filled environment. Also, ensure that you keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable, warm setting. A higher indoor temperature may cause the air to dry faster even with a humidifier.

Add skin-friendly food groups to your diet

Your skin absorbs nutrients from the food, which help in nourishing it from within. Food groups such as vitamins, omega acids, antioxidants, and minerals are super helpful for glowing skin. Moreover, winters are the perfect time to munch on nuts, dark chocolates, and filling soups. It is better to avoid food and beverages with alcohol and too much caffeine to prevent dehydrated skin.

Besides, stay hydrated with tea and water in winters as you are less likely to feel thirsty. It helps in eliminating nasty toxins from the body and maintaining clear skin. Also, include a fresh serving of fruits to boost your diet with ample vitamins and antioxidants.

Exfoliate your skin gently

Exfoliation is necessary for the skincare to absorb into the skin. If your skin has a thick layer of dead skin cells on the surface, it may not fully benefit from the skincare ingredients. You may use mild acids such as salicylic, lactic and mandelic acids to exfoliate your skin gently.

I suggest using the Bright Beauty Peeling Pads which are rich in these acids and are easy to use if you are feeling the winter laziness. You may pick a physical exfoliating cream or polisher for the body. Ensure that you exfoliate gently so that there are no micro-tears in the skin layer.

Slather on an antioxidant serum

If you have red dry patches on the face, your skin may be severely dehydrated. Pick the Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Serum which has nourishing vitamin B and E to heal the skin. Besides, vitamin C and A will help in producing collagen and fight free radicals to keep your skin youthful. This serum will create a layer of protection on the skin surface to protect it from the cold temperatures and prevent dryness.

Also, layer this serum with a good sunblock to prevent sun damage. Avoid using products that contain fragrance, perfume, and alcohol in them as they may be too drying for the skin. You may massage your skin well with a non-comedogenic oil to benefit from natural antioxidants to prevent and heal red dry patches.

Find a healing heavy face cream

The cream and lotion you use in summers may not be adequate to fight the cold and dry winters. You may need a heavier and emollient moisturizer to keep your skin nourished. Look for products with ceramide and hyaluronic acid to retain suppleness and hydration in the skin. Also, use a good face mask. Other ingredients such as oils, glycerin, and antioxidants will help in regulating the sebum production and restoring the skin.

Avoid harsh cleansers

You may need to customize your skin rituals as per the season and outdoor temperature. It also applies to avoid the heavy-duty summer cleanser as your skin may not be sweating anymore. Using a harsh cleanser will break the skin barrier and dry your skin even more. So, it is advisable to use a calming and non-drying cleanser such as Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser by Mello Beauty

Also, use lukewarm temperature water to wash your face and follow it up with a splash of cold water. Using a moisturizing toner that is milk-based may help restore the skin barrier and reduce the pore size.

Have a good night time skin ritual

You may feel lazy and skip skincare, and it may result in dry skin in winter, which is tricky to deal with. Even in winters, your skin may get acne and dark spots due to lack of good skincare. Applying creams and lotions once a day may feel more than enough, but your skin needs extra nourishment in the dry winter months. Be proactive about your skin routine and cultivate morning and night skin regime.

Add layers of products from lightest and deep penetrating ones to heavier ones. This will help in retaining the hydration and keep your skin supple for hours. Before going to bed, make sure you clean your skin and apply skincare along with night cream or healing oil. It will also help in preventing fine lines, and itchy patches as the surface will be free from dead skin on the face.

Now you know all the details on how to fix dry skin and enjoy the cozy winters. In our next article, we’ll cover important information on how to remove excess dead skin from your face in a healthy manner.