How the time of application impacts the effectiveness of your skincare products?

With the advancement in the beauty industry, many new skincare products are launching these days. Besides, every product has its specifications, and the ingredients used in them are also different depending on the skin's needs. Undoubtedly people are obsessed with skincare nowadays, and gone are the days when the skin routine was comprised of just three steps cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. However, at this point, we are sure that you have more than three products in your beauty routine. 



In addition to this, you must need a serum, oil, toner, maybe a spot corrector, not to forget sunscreen or even an eye cream in your routine, which makes the regime quite intense. But have you ever visualize how the time of application impacts the effectiveness of your skincare products? If not, you should, as layering the skincare products one after the other may not give you the desired results, so you must know how to layer and the correct time of applying the products in your routine. Read on!

Correct application of skincare products

The question about layering the skincare products usually arises, and many people think there is no specific time in applying the products. However, there is no magic number, but skin experts always advise each product to dry thoroughly before applying the following product. 

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Therefore, it is great to wait for at least 30-60 seconds after each product; besides, always start from the thinnest to the thickest formulation like toners, serums, or essences to moisturizers and sunscreen. Below we have curated a quick guide for you to understand the correct application of products and at what time you should apply them in your regime.

1. How many times and when should you use a cleanser?

It would be best if you do not wash your face more than twice a day unless you have oily skin or apply too much makeup. Try to avoid washing your face frequently as it may strip off the natural oils and disrupt the skin barrier, resulting in dry and itchy skin.

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Also, cleansers should be gentle with ingredients like rosehip oil, aloe vera, green tea extract, and glycerin so that your skin doesn't feel stretchy post-wash. For example, try Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser by Mello Beauty is a light yet effective cleanser enriched with natural floral extracts, neem leaf, and rose water.

2. Is there a need to apply sunscreen in the evening?

Sunscreen is indeed one of the essential steps in your skincare routine, and it should be applied daily in the morning. Whether you are staying indoors or the weather is cloudy, sunscreen is mandatory to use every day with a broad spectrum of 30 or above to protect your skin from sun damage. 

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However, if you are stepping outside in the brightly light areas in the evening, you should reapply your sunscreen. Also, do not forget to wash off your sunscreen before going to bed; you don't need to reapply it at night. 

3. When to apply AHA-based and Vitamin C products?

Skin experts always suggest using AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants at night to lessen the chances of photosensitivity that causes skin redness, itchiness, or irritation. AHAs are used to eliminate the dead skin cells from the skin surface and make the skin's texture look brighter. Additionally, do not avoid using broad-spectrum sunscreen the next day. 

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Furthermore, if we talk bout the Vitamin C products, they can be applied during the day, infact they are more effective if used in the day. As it is a potent antioxidant that helps to reduce dark spots, pigmentation, and tanning, it also fights free radicals. Therefore, use Vitamin C serum before applying moisturizer in your AM routine and top it off with sunscreen.

4. Best time to apply hyaluronic acid serum 

Hyaluronic acid is one of the magic ingredients that transforms the texture of the skin if used correctly. It is a heavy humectant that retains the moisture and holds a lot of water that helps to increase the moisture level in the skin and makes it soft and plumper. Besides, it is the safest active ingredient than others if one wants to incorporate it into their routine and safe for even sensitive skin.

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Moreover, hyaluronic acid can be applied in your AM as well as PM routine. However, it should always be used on the damp skin, spray toner after cleansing, and 3-4 drops of 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer by Mello Beauty, a replenishing serum. You will notice a soft, plumper, and supple skin afterward.

5. When to apply retinol-based products?

Retinol is a potent ingredient that needs to be applied in a correct manner and time. As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes less bouncy; therefore, retinol comes to the rescue. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient and a derivative of Vitamin A that helps to boost collagen production in the skin.



Additionally, people who are in their early 20's and late 30's should incorporate retinol-based products in their skincare routine. It fights the sign of aging and makes it look younger and fresh. But, retinol needs to be applied at night only as it sensitizes the skin to sun exposure. So, apply a small amount of retinol serum or moisturizer at night and follow a hydrating moisturizer. Besides, do apply your sunscreen the following day to avoid your skin from rashes and irritation. 

In the end, any time between 30 and 60 seconds is more than enough for your skincare products to absorb fully. But, it is always advised to use good quality products that are gentle on your skin and layer them correctly to achieve good results.