How much is too much Collagen?

Does your skin appear dull and lose? This lifeless looking skin needs both internal and external help to look lively. Knowing how to incorporate supplements in your diet is crucial when you start using a new one. Collagen is one such highly raved supplement that can do wonders for your skin and health in general. But, the key is to use it in moderation to see how your body reacts to it. Here is all the information on how much is too much collagen and how to manage it.

We suggest using Collagen Cycle Serum by Mello to boost the collagen in your skin. The serum is fit for all skin types and helps in building the skin volume. Therefore, reducing any appearance of wrinkles and make you look years younger. Besides, it helps in reducing the large pores in the skin and minimize the whitehead activity due to oily pores. Keep on reading to find how much is too much collagen to benefit in an optimum way from the supplement.

Impact of Lack of Collagen

Collagen is a component of your connective tissues, bones, and skin, which is naturally present. However, it reduces as we age, there are some noticeable changes in the body due to the lack of it. The decline may depend on an individual, but it usually occurs in the late twenties.

The decreased collagen levels may cause your skin to feel dry. Your eyes may develop more darkness, and skin can become hollow around the sockets. Moreover, the deficiency can make your muscles weak and joints pain. You may also observe high cellulite levels in the skin as an early sign of aging. All these issues can be managed with the right supplementation for the body and the skin.

Ideal Dose to avoid too much collagen?

Too much of anything can prove to be detrimental to health and is never a good idea. However, collagen is a safe supplement as the body only absorbs the amount it needs. While choosing supplements in drinks and powder form, check the label for the least required dose. You will see it can range from 8000mg to 1500mg. A single serving can be added to food and drink.

Moreover, you can divide the dose between morning and night along with your protein intake. This will help the body to benefit the most with the constant chain of collagen supply. Besides, it will prevent your body from wasting the collagen by not absorbing the surplus. You can start with a small dose once a day to see how your body takes it.

When it comes to skin, collagen is a wonderful addition. It can boost the hydration levels and make your skin bouncy. You will observe your skin appear brighter and tight with regular use of collagen. Along with a collagen serum or cream, you will need to maintain good skincare with ample moisturization and sun protection.

The main benefit of using collagen is the youthfulness it brings to the skin. As we age, there is a significant decrease in the natural levels of our body. This affects the bones, skin, and muscles, including repair and maintenance. So, it is vital to have a supplement in your diet and enrich your skin with topical application. Apart from this, you can also try retinol serums and creams to achieve a more supple skin. Here is how you can get younger skin with the magical benefits of retinol.

Can you take too much collagen?

The key is to avoid exceeding the daily suggested dose of the collagen supplement to avoid the situation of too much collagen. Initially, the collagen will take some time for the body to absorb. Therefore, you may not see a drastic change for the first few weeks. But, consistency is the key here to cover up the deficiency in your body.

As you know, the synthesis of collagen reduces with time, and a supplement is an ideal way to cover that up. You may also consume collagen-rich food like eggs, bone broth, and meat for a natural supply. However, if you are a vegan, this may seem like a challenge. That is why supplements are even more necessary for the body.

You can find supplements in cherry and berries flavor to mask the taste for any easy consumption. There are several unflavored variants too that can be added to food and smoothies. This is ideal when you don’t want the supplement to alter the taste of your food.

Side effects of too much intake

It is best to practice caution while taking supplements and not get carried away. With too much collagen, you may experience some stomach discomfort. It can also cause heartburn in some individuals, so it is wise to stick to the dose without feeling tempted. You can start with the intake of a small dose and maintain the dose that gives you visible benefits.

For topical application, there is no such thing as too much collagen in the skin. The penetration activity on the skin is safe and tested, so you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if your skin is sensitive, a patch test under your chin is always a good idea. You can layer the serum under your moisturizer after cleansing your face.

There you have it all the details on how much is too much collagen and how you can adjust the dose according to your needs. In our next discussion, we’ll talk about the best beauty products to add to your self-care routine.