How Effective is LED Light Therapy for Acne?

How Effective is LED Light Therapy for Acne?

Curious about the effectiveness of LED light therapy for acne troubles? Have you heard of the Blue light therapy?

Pimples are ironically your best well-wishers since they never fail to turn up on your most special occasions. Besides, during departure, they also leave behind a tiny little love mark on your pretty face! In fact, try as hard as you may but another stubborn acne is back even before the last one heals. (See? They never wish to leave you alone!). 😭

The Dermatologists, however, have a number of solutions, ranging from chemical peels to antibiotics, and even isotretinoin, dermabrasion, and whatnot. But do you know that these procedures carry possibly high side effects?

LED light therapy for acne, however, comes as a savior that will kill your acne without being harsh on your skin. For this, it uses a special kind of light that kills the acne-causing bacteria and removes the problem from its root. So let’s throw some light on how effective this procedure is for your beauty wishes to come true.

LED light therapy for acne

What’s acne? Why do they occur?

There are tiny pores in your skin, called pores. Each pore, in turn, has an oil-producing gland which gives the skin its natural dose of moisture. But when these pores get clogged with dirt, dead skin and oil. But when the bacteria (that already lives on your skin) also get trapped with this cocktail, it turns into an acne bump.

What is LED light therapy?

Back in the early 1990s, NASA worked on the phototherapy technology with the objective to grow potatoes on space shuttles. During their experimentation, they also discovered that this technology also helped in healing wounds. Gradually, one thing led to another, and here we are today with Face masks, powered by LED light therapy for acne and many other skin issues.

Without going much deeper into science, it will suffice to say that the light emitted from these LED masks, penetrates the skin to different extents and works from within. Moreover, it emits different color lights which have different wavelengths, and of course different effects on your skin. For instance, red light is good for anti-aging benefits, while blue light is anti-acne.

And if you haven’t yet noticed, it is absolutely chemical free and noninvasive. Besides, the light it uses is within the visible range, pretty much like the natural light that surrounds us. Also, there are no refills needed, and you can carry out the procedure right on your couch or in your dressing area. How amazing 😎 is that?

PS. They’ll look super cool on your Insta and Snapchat posts!

How does Blue light therapy work on acne?

When you use a LED mask, the blue light from the mask penetrates into your skin and kills the acne-causing bacteria. This happens because this bacteria is sensitive to light, especially the blue one. Besides, another sweet side effect is that blue light therapy also shrinks your pores, and hence reduces the possibility of further acne formation.

And not just that, blue light therapy can also treat your blackhead and whitehead issues, and may also whiten your teeth. So you can say cheese more freely.

Blue light therapy for acne

Other benefits of LED light therapy mask

Here are a few more benefits of LED Light therapy mask for your skin, apart from acne.

  • Red light therapy works wonders against age-related issues like wrinkles, by increasing the collagen production, which is a natural skin protein.
  • You can also add luster to your dull skin, by using the orange light from the phototherapy mask.
  • LED light therapy can also work on your sunburns, rashes and other kinds of skin inflammations.
  • And lastly your skin tone will also improve and you can have a brilliantly glowing youthful skin.

Which LED Mask is the best acne killer?

While you know the effectiveness of LED light therapy for acne, you must also know that not all masks can give equal results. The LED light therapy masks used in the clinics are much stronger, while the at-home devices are much safe and handy. So if you are not up for hefty clinical appointments, it will be the best decision to buy a LED mask for yourself.

So without much ado, you must try the LED light therapy mask by Mello Beauty for the most optimal acne removal. This product comes at a great price and emits a complete set of seven LED light colors. Therefore, apart from acne, you can also get rid of wrinkles, sunburns, rashes, etc. In fact, once you buy your Mello Beauty LED Mask, you’ll be all armored with one of the best acne killing machine. So get going gal! 🤟