How does Air Pollution affect your Skin

How does Air Pollution affect your Skin | Tips to Protect and Nourish your Skin

Everything is changing. From the world to our bodies, nothing has remained the same over the years. Our skin is under even greater assault of pollution and the toxic elements in our surroundings. The consequences can range from mild irritation to some serious diseases. If you have ever wondered how does air pollution affects your skin, now is a great time to give you an insight into it.

In this blog, I shall be talking about air pollution and the skin. Not only that but I will also share a few tips to protect and nourish your skin while there is still a chance to repair some of the damage.

The air pollution effects on the skin are many. Some are profound as skin cancer the others lesser scary like discoloration, dullness, sensitivity, and roughness. Since pollution is a mixture of many components, it is quite difficult to say which elements are responsible for the changes that we see. The real threat comes from the chemicals that find a way to attach to the skin. The urban air consists of around 224 toxic components. While the particles of pollution are too large to penetrate the skin, many of these components find a way in.

The Relation between Skin Conditions and Air Quality

air pollution skin allergy

There is a clear relation between spikes in air pollution and an increasing number of people suffering from skin problems such as acne and eczema. This makes it clear that air pollution not only affects the skin on a cosmetic level but also poses a real threat to its health.

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Those people living in highly polluted areas have a worse skin texture than those living in the cleaner suburbs. Apart from that, a compromised skin barrier function was also found in the people living in cities. The skin hydration and barrier function are the most significant threats posed by air pollution on our skin.

Measures To Protect and Restore Your Skin

air pollution skin allergy

There are many ways to protect the skin from air pollution. With Mello Beauty, I have curated a list of the best product that comes handy in protecting the skin from air pollution. All the products are super easy to use and make sure you get skin that keeps glowing forever.

#1. Facial Cleanser

how does air pollution affect your skin

Air pollution causes many skin allergies. Therefore, the best way to fight those is to keep pollution at the bay. With Mello’s Electric Facial Cleanser make sure you clean the dirt from your face and give your skin a new life. Cleansing is super essential for clear skin, therefore, this product is a must-have in your facial needs. Another way to provide deep cleansing to your face is by using the Ultrasonic Face Cleanser by Mello Beauty. It does wonders by removing excess grease and dirt. Apart from that, it also tightens the skin with its tapping massage feature.

#2. Dermabrasion System

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With five different beauty heads, the Mello Microdermabrasion System cleans the facial skin in the most aggressive way possible. The dirty pores are unblocked with the help of suction and work well for any skin type. The sleek design of the machines makes it easy to use for a proper clean and rejuvenated skin.

Here is a complete guide on microdermabrasion and its benefits.

#3. Face Masks

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Most of the time the air pollution effects on the skin become visible after a while. The skin tends to become dehydrated with very little moisture. To prevent that from happening, try the ultimate beauty mask by Mello - Rose Collagen Powder Mask. It consists of rose oil and hyaluronic acid and treats acne while locking in the moisture.

#4. Skin Tightener and Acne Remover

how does air pollution affect your skin

Mello's High-Frequency Skin Tightening and Acne Remover is not only portable but a must-have for every skin type. It makes sure to tighten the pores and also helps to remove acne spots for clear and radiant skin. While enhancing the blood circulation, this beauty machine also enhances blood circulation.

The threat from air pollution is real and whosoever is still wondering how does air pollution affect your skin, I hope you got the answer! Apart from using the above-mentioned products, it is super necessary to have a well-balanced diet consisting of green vegetables and lots of fruit.

In the next blog, I shall be throwing some light on common wax myths. So, if you are about to wax your legs and arms any sooner, I guess you could use some tips!