Hot VS Cold Waxing: The Pro's & Con's

Hot vs. Cold Waxing: The Pro's & Con's

Okay, ladies.

We've discussed the differences between hard and soft wax so next up:

We'll be highlighting the pro's and cons of a hot and cold wax because let's face it, we're damn curious about everything.

You might be wondering which works best for your hair removal routine? Well, let's try to differentiate the two, shall we?

Hot Wax Pro's

Comfort.. The heat can make the process comfortable, and dilates the pores so the hairs can be removed with less resistance.

Precision.. You can decide on the size of the area you want to wax, shaping it for different zones and using as much wax that is needed

Convenience.. Hot wax can now be used easily at home, with no need to go to the beauty salon.

Hot Wax Con's

Practice makes perfect.. It can take some time to master the wax wand but once you do your home waxing will have never been better

Maintaining Temperature.. If using a microwave to heat the wax, it can take some time and practice to get the temperature right.

Cold Wax Pro's

Portable.. Can be used anywhere, right when you need them – no need for a plug or a microwave

Speed.. The whole waxing process can be a lot quicker providing it picks up all of your hairs

Cold Wax Con's

Irritation.. If the strips aren’t used correctly, then red bumps and ingrown hairs could occur.

Coverage.. You may have to use a lot of strips for large areas.

Bottom line is: both are effective in getting rid of your unwanted hair. Whatever works for your hair type and hair removal needs, experiment and then decide.