Hard or Soft Wax: Which Wax Goes Where?

Hard or Soft Wax: Which Wax Goes Where?

We all know that waxing is a +1 in life when talking about hair removal. However, we are usually faced with a choice whether to Soft wax or Hard wax. Exactly which type of wax is which and where does it go?

Soft wax:

Soft waxes you need a strip to work with. Cold wax is one type of soft wax. Also the strip wax you see so often at your local supermarket with a little amount of wax pre-applied on them are also known as a type of Soft wax. And even some needs to be heated but still requires you to use a strip, is considered as Soft wax. Since you are using a strip to work with Soft wax, where exactly is it best to be used?

Usually soft wax is used in large areas like the legs, well for some on the stomach and arm areas. Basically areas with a wider surface of hair and finer ones.

Woman getting legs waxed at a spa

Hard Wax:

Hard wax (also known as strip-less wax) is applied to the skin and does not require a strip to be pulled off. Once the wax dries and hardens on its own, it can be removed directly since it is not sticky like soft wax. Hard wax adheres to the hair only, not the skin. Hard wax is especially great for sensitive areas like Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, facial waxing and underarm waxing. It’s important to push down on the skin when applying the wax so it can “suction cup” the hairs. This guarantees the hair will be pulled directly from the root. This is the only type of wax we create at Mello Wax. We would rather use premium, high quality hard wax to ensure our customers the best home waxing experience around

So are you still in a dilemma on what type of wax should you use? Explore for your self and know the difference between Hard waxing and Soft waxing to know what best works for you!