Golden Wax Rules with Mellowax!

Golden Wax Rules

1. Use a pre-wax oil under your hard wax - not powder!
This will create thin barrier that further prevents the wax from gluing to your skin.

2. Hard waxes are best applied warm, not hot
(37-45°C), and should have the consistency of honey when it's at the correct temperature.

3. Using a medium-firm pressure with your applicator
To ensure wax is pressed all the way down to the skin.

4. Leave the edges of your wax strip slightly thicker
This makes for for the easiest peel and ensures no breakage on the ends.

5.The stronger and denser the hair..
The thicker your layer of wax needs to be!

6. Use smaller, narrow strips (no wider than an inch) when..
Working over sensitive areas or loose skin.

7. Apply wax with the direction of hair growth
And remove against the grain!

8. Make sure to stretch the skin at every stage of application and removal
To remove the hair most effectively and to prevent any discomfort.