Golden Rules for a Smooth Waxing Result This Summer

Golden Rules for a Smooth Waxing Result This Summer

I am back again with another blog that surely will act as a savior this summer season!

Waxing. A word that sends chills down the spine the moment you hear it. Each woman on this planet agrees to one fact for sure - waxing isn’t fun; it is not comfortable or pleasant. However, we cannot deny how great our skin feels after getting waxed. A lot of times, women feel disappointed after their session. It is because they lack the basic information on the role they have to play before waxing their arms and legs.

I ensure to provide a detailed guide on essential waxing do’s and don’ts so that you get a smooth experience throughout this summer season.

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Here are a few rules that must be incorporated into your monthly waxing regimen.

Rule #1. Take a Bath with Luke-Warm Water

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Before waxing your body make sure you take a bath with warm water. It will open up all the pores and make the hair smooth. The skin will become soft, which will make the process easier.

Apart from that, DO NOT bath with hot water after waxing. It can strip off the essential moisture of your skin, turning it red and more sensitive. Hot water also widens the pores making the skin more prone to breakouts.

Rule #2. Exfoliate Before and After

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Exfoliation helps get rid of the dead skin cells. Not only is it important for the face, but it is equally important for the body. Before waxing at home, take an exfoliant and rub it all over your arms, legs, and thighs. It will open up the pores and allow a neat and clean waxing experience for hair removal.

You can try Mello’s Electric Facial Cleansing Brush for a much greater experience. Even after the waxing hair on your body, you must exfoliate your skin. It keeps the pores unclogged and prevents the growth of ingrown hair.

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Rule #3. Moisturize

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Take a moisturizer and give all the nourishment to your skin that it requires after waxing. Waxing may leave your skin to be dry and flaky. Therefore, hydrate it and leave it soft to touch.

Rule #4. Take Care of Your Skin Days after the Treatment

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Even days after getting waxed, remember to take care of your skin. You must add exfoliation in your skincare regimen and enjoy the soft skin afterward. For a stronger nourishing effect, use Mello’s Steamer Personal Sauna. It helps your skin hydrate well and promotes the generation of collagen.

Rule #5. Do not Use Perfumed Products

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Products like deodorants and lotions, which may irritate your skin after waxing should be avoided. These carry perfumed ingredients which can cause your already sensitive skin to react and form red bumps all over.

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Rule #6. Do Not Apply Anything that Might Irritate Your Skin

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Wait for two-three days at least before applying products that may cause a reaction. Products like a self-tanner that can cause the pores to clog and restrict proper hair growth should be avoided at any cost.

#7. Do not Wear Tight Clothes

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Waxed skin is sensitive even after a couple of hours in the session. Wearing tight clothes may cause friction and irritate the skin, further leading to redness. It is also advised to avoid going to the gym; the sweat could possibly cause a skin infection or allergy. Wear something that will let your skin breathe.

Waxing is super essential to get rid of unwanted hair. It is quite simple and effective at the same time. However, if you follow the above-mentioned steps, get ready to welcome a skin that will feel like magic every time you touch it. I would also encourage you to try Mello’s Rainbow Wax Beans Pack, which comes in four different colors. It is super easy to use and causes little pain as compared to other waxing products in the market.

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