Go Dramatic on the Eyes, to Pull Off the Best Makeup this Christmas

Do you know what screams Christmas makeup looks? A golden foil eyeshadow and a bright red lip go perfectly with the Christmas theme. However, you may not be able to do that this year as you will be wearing a face mask. Here are some makeup ideas for you to go dramatic on the eyes for the best makeup this Christmas. Most of the time, your eyes will be the center of attention while wearing your mask, so, make the most out of it.

Also, we suggest you pick a festive mask with lux fabric or a chic print on it to customize it with your outfit. Coming back to the makeup, don’t give up on it as you can experiment as much as you like on the eyes and use a lip stain instead of a lipstick. It will last longer and will not transfer over your mask.

Best makeup this Christmas

With these easy makeup ideas, get ready to rock your socially distanced Christmas celebrations.  

Add a pop of color to your eyes

While wearing a mask, your eyes are the only visible portion of the face. So, adding a pop of color such as green and icy blue will make them pop even more. You may use eyeshadows, foils, or colored eyeliners. Moreover, you can create graphic eyeliner patterns with different colors. Also, adding some neon orange and lime green shade to the lid will bring brightness to your face. You can top it with winged eyeliner or create a small eyeshadow wing with a brown color to balance the shades.

For those who don’t like too much drama, they may pick subtle shades of purple, pink, red, blue, and orange. These colors will add a festive look to your eyes. You may blend more than one to create a custom look and finish it with bold eyeliner. Besides, you can add duo-chrome eyeshadows to your eyes if you don’t have much time to blend different ones. For making the eyeshadow colors pop more, apply concealer as a base and spritz your makeup brush in setting spray.

Add dimension with eyelashes

You may have never experimented with falsies, but now is the time to whip some out. Moreover, gone are the days of eyelash extensions to make them look thicker. You may choose some thick wispy lashes to add to your eyes. These will make the softest glam eye look to appear like you spent hours on it. And if you are new to makeup, eyelashes are forgiving if you make any eyeshadow mistakes.   

Moreover, you may use colored lashes or the ones with sequins if you are feeling too dramatic. These will accentuate your look without adding too much makeup. Make sure you apply your lashes using a black glue so that it blends in better. You may not be able to apply falsies in one go, so we suggest you practice before the finale Christmas look.

Care to experiment in appliqués?

This may be inspired by Euphoria makeup looks, but it is so in trend right now. Although this is not for the fainthearted, you may have some fun with glitters and rhinestones around your eyes and eyebrows. These stones come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are very versatile. Moreover, they are easy to apply and last long. Even if you don’t want to apply too many, you may add a few over your eyeliner and feel like a Christmas tree ornament.

For the adventurous ones, you may create a whole winged eyeliner using these in black or green. Some other appliqués include feathers, small flowers, and silk bows to experiment some more as per your style. You may also find stickers and stencils to create a custom pattern over your eyes for all the festive drama.

Grab those brushes

This one is for the artistic ones. Have you seen the videos with mistletoe, Santa, reindeer, or Christmas tree situation over the eyes? This may take a while but will be worth the effort. After some research, practice, and experimenting, you may take your makeup game a notch higher with this. All you need are some face paints and precision makeup brushes. An eyeliner brush will also work fine for this. Besides, you may choose different designs for the eyes to unleash your artistic side.

There are several easy designs if you feel overwhelmed to try the complicated ones. You may watch some beauty makeup channels on YouTube to get some more ideas and paint your eyes decoratively. Moreover, you can experiment and add shimmers and rhinestones to this look. These will make you look all embellished and put you right in the Christmas mode.

Work on that face too

While addressing the eye makeup looks, don’t forget about your face. You may end up feeling not wholly ready and out of place if you forget the rest of your face. Now, we are not suggesting you slap on the full coverage foundation; however, you may add a light layer of face powder. Also, ensure you are religious with your skincare to prevent any mask acne breakouts. Here are some essential oils to protect and hydrate your skin.

For lips, you can go as bold or as subtle as you like. You may add a lip stain or a transfer-proof lipstick to complete the look. Most of the liquid lipsticks perform well in the water and transfer tests. If you don’t want to add too much to the rest of the face, you may add a tinted lip balm or a non-sticky lip gloss.

We hope you’ll enjoy these makeup ideas for your Christmas celebrations and also flaunt these over social media. After the party, make sure you remove the makeup, falsies, and appliqués well before dozing off. In our next article, we’ll cover on a vitamin loaded serum to give a boost of antioxidants to your skin.