Getting Waxed for the First Time? Find answers to all your Questions

Getting waxed for the first time can make you feel anxious about the pain and the discomfort. You may have opinions about the process from listening to all the buzz around it. The discomfort and the pain are manageable and depend upon an individual. If you wax for the first time, the sensation of the hair pulled from the roots will be new for the body.

Moreover, getting a Brazilian wax for the first time or waxing your face may feel more intense. You need the right products like Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle to manage and reduce the pain caused by removing the hair follicles. The right technique and skincare routine may also help in having a bearable waxing experience for a newbie. Read along to find out how to wax for the first time at home with the right methods and precautions.

The benefits of waxing are plenty, including smooth and brighter looking skin. With waxing, you can delay hair growth for up to four weeks and enjoy being hair-free. If you are still wondering, you may want to reconsider the choices to have flawless skin for a longer period of time. We have answers to some of the most legit queries you may have in your mind. With the wide knowledge and all the facts about waxing, you will ace waxing at home.

Question #1- How much pain should I expect getting waxed for the first time?

If only this question had an accurate answer. But, the good thing is the pain is not as bad as some may make it seem. You may feel slight discomfort or scale-up in pain depending upon the area being waxed. We do consider everyone’s pain threshold, so the answer will still be debatable.

The waxing process involves pulling the hair directly from the roots. This makes the hair grow back scantier and slower, but also creates an initial discomfort. Your nerve endings are sensitive and may give you a few seconds of temporary pain and shock. If you are waxing at home, the good thing is you can proceed with your own pace.

Although, once you start waxing, you should continue the process without taking too many breaks so that you don’t break the momentum. All the areas require different precision and application while waxing. If you are wondering how to wax legs for the first time, make sure the skin is clean and free from any oils. Legs are the easiest to wax if you are a beginner.

Here's how to get waxed for the first time

Apply the wax in the exact direction of your hair growth and pull it against the growth in one go. If the wax gets stuck, make sure you pull it with force while holding your skin taut. Tightening your skin on a particular area will help in removing the hair with less pain.

You may also use aloe gel or ice compressions on the waxed skin to soothe the inflammation and redness. Also, taking care of your skin regularly with exfoliation once a week and daily moisturizing after the shower will make your skin healthier and manage the prickly growth.

Question #2 - What if I shaved recently, can I still get waxed?

You should probably consider grabbing all your razors and throw them in the trash at this point. Not to be dramatic, but they can strip your skin of natural oils and make your hair grow faster and thicker. In case you made the mistake of shaving recently, you will have to be a little patient for them to grow back.

Your hair should be at least one-fourth or half an inch for the wax to effectively pull the hair. With technologically advanced waxes like liposoluble hard wax, you may find it convenient to remove hair as small as 1mm. If you are waxing yourself for the first time, consider investing in Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty that is easy to use. A professional-grade heater and wax will ensure a mess-free waxing session at home.

Question #3 - Can I get waxed while on my period?

It can be a personal choice if you consider yourself that brave to tolerate the pain. The period mess can be managed with a tampon if you are getting a Brazilian wax. Although, keep in mind that your skin is a tad more sensitive while you are PMSing or menstruating. It is recommended to schedule your waxing after you are done with your periods.

Try to avoid the first three days of your period and five days before the first day while your body is preparing for the period. The extra sensitivity may make the pain unbearable and cause discomfort. It is wise to avoid waxing and strenuous activities during this time if it is unavoidable and waxed on the days when the pain and flow have reduced.

Question #4 - How long should I wait to commence physical activities?

You may feel the excitement to show off your smooth skin and go out in the sun, flaunting it all. But keep in mind that freshly waxed skin is sensitive and red. So, you should avoid the sun, swimming pools, and gyms for the next 24 hours. If you are going out, wear a thick layer of moisturizing sunscreen to avoid any sun damage.

Getting waxed for the first time may also put a delay of a few hours in your intimate activities. But it is worth all the wait for your skin to relax and get back to its normal form. You can carry out your normal routine the next day without any worries.

Question #5 - When should I wax next after the first session?

Depending upon an individual hair growth, you may enjoy being hair free from 3 to 6 weeks. The growth will increase scantily as you go through consecutive sessions after getting waxed for the first time. Your hair may grow quicker in summers in comparison to winters. When you observe they have increased in length of a quarter of an inch, it is probably the best time to wax.

With all your doubts cleared, you can hop on the hair-free wagon with waxing. The proper skincare, products, and techniques are your savior for a perfectly waxed skin.