Five Major Things You Need to Know About Amber Granules for Glowing Skin

Are you looking for products to make your skin glowy? Chances are you may grab gimmicky products that may harm the skin in the long run. Using exfoliating products that are too harsh may lead to micro-tears in the skin. As a result, it may lead to enlarged pores and more wrinkles. 

Do you know you can exfoliate your skin with non-abrasive ingredients? One such mild exfoliating ingredient in amber that will leave your skin flawless. Here are things that you may not know about Amber granules for smooth skin. Keep on reading if you are questioning how to get glowing skin.

Amber Granules Facts

Read along to find more about this raisin gem ingredient. 

#1 It is a powerful raisin

You may assume amber is a gemstone, but it is a raisin that is very potent in nature. Jewelry made from amber has many health benefits in issues such as arthritis and thyroid imbalance. Also, it can help relieve stress and tension from the body. It has several benefits on the topical application that makes the compound very powerful.

#2 Amber powder has exfoliating properties

Amber can be turned into powder by grounding it into particles of few microns. Besides, it can also be created as a result of cutting large amber crumbs into smaller ones. The grinding of polishing of large amber chunks results in the production of amber powder. These small particles have no use in the jewelry or craft industry so that they can be used in beauty products. 


The finely ground amber particles have a mild exfoliating effect on the skin and have a tarry aromatic effect. Moreover, it can also be added to cleansers and masks to remove toxins from the skin. Amber powder has easy combining properties in scrubs along with sugar, honey, minerals, and salts. These ingredients result in a potent scrub to remove dead skin cells. 

Masks and scrubs containing amber powder are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. It will be gentle and won’t cause any redness or inflammation. When choosing amber scrubs see that they are non-comedogenic and hydrating. 

#3 It contains organic compounds

Amber powder is akin to raw amber in nature. Since it is made by conifer trees, it contains organic compounds. Therefore, you can be assured that it does not contain any harmful and drying agents. This natural fossil resin is rich in a balmy texture. Moreover, it has succinic acid and abietic acid that have healing and pain-relieving properties. If you are wondering how to have glowing skin, amber powder has organic terpene compounds for exfoliation. 

#4 Amber Powder has a mattifying effect

As you know, amber has a polishing effect on the skin; hence, it mechanically peels the skin in a gentle manner. Amber powder has very small granules that have a soothing effect on the skin. This helps in removing any texture and flaky skin, leaving behind polished skin. Moreover, it has a mattifying effect by removing excess oil from the pores.


Your skin will feel rejuvenated after the use, and the pores will produce lesser oil. Besides, it will reduce the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. If you are searching for the best serum for glowing skin, see that it has Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with amber particles for a mattifying yet hydrating effect on the skin. These ingredients, combined together, will make your skin bright and remove dark spots from the surface. 

#5 You can add amber to your beauty routine

Amber is added to several glowing skin products as it polished the skin and balances the oil production. As amber has multiple benefits for the skin, it can be a regular part of your skincare habits. It can help smoothen the fine lines and reduce under-eye circles. Moreover, it has properties to reduce acne and comedones formation. You may add amber scrubs, masks, and amber essential oil to the regime for glowing skin. 


When amber is combined with minerals, red algae, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it results in a nourishing and hydrating compound. It helps in removing rough patches from the skin and brightening it. For mildly exfoliating skin, I suggest using the Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub by Mello Beauty. You can add this to your weekly skincare regime even if you wish to stick to a minimal skincare routine suggested by dermatologists.

The scrub contains honey and vanilla for a heavenly aromatic experience. Besides, amber granules exfoliate the skin mildly, leaving it smooth and soft. It also contains Glycosaminoglycans and Magnesium Gluconate, which help in moisturizing and restoring the skin. It is suitable for aging and sensitive skin as it is non-inflammatory and has anti-aging properties.

To use the scrub, wash your skin with lukewarm water and apply the scrub. With small and circular motions, gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells from the surface. You may steam your face to open up the pores for a deeper exfoliation. After exfoliating apply serum to the skin so that it absorbs hydration and is protected. Repeat this maximum twice or thrice a week for soft skin. 

There you have all the information on how to get glowing skin from amber granules. Now, you no longer need to torture your skin with harsh walnut granules. In the next article, you’ll find out more answers to the common skincare questions that you may have been looking for everywhere.