Better Skin & A Better Wax? Be Sure To Add These Top 5 Foods On Your List

Be Sure To Add These Top 5 Foods On Your Next Grocery List

Are you a first time or regular waxer? Have you been researching (aka Googling) on what should you do prior to your waxing session... and what to do after? It's a basic survival instinct to want to know the bits and pieces of something before we get to the process of doing it, and this time it's all about waxing for the first time. We've previously blogged about the know-hows on pre-waxing and post-waxing sessions. But have you searched about what types of food should you be consuming that can help your skin stay super healthy and shiny and help improve your post-waxing results?
Add these top 5 foods on to your shopping list to aid in better skin, and a better post-waxing experience -- we all want that "glow", right?

1) Fatty Fish - Fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which keeps skin moisturized. In addition, it keeps the skin supple and thick, too. As part of your skincare routine, it is important to moisturize your skin before and after a waxing session. Keeping it moisturized from within can improve your waxing experience.

2) Avocado - Avocado is known for containing healthy fats, and these are pretty much essential in order to keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. Avocado also contains vitamin C and E which pretty much keeps your skin healthy for longer, too!

3) Sunflower Seeds - Seeds and nuts in general are really a good source of nutrients for the skin. They contain protein, vitamin E, zinc and selenuim which are also great for keeping the skin supple soft and healthy.

4) Red or Yellow Bell Pepper - Bell peppers contain beta-carotine that are typically converted to Vitamin A by the body. What’s great is that bell peppers are also high in vitamin C. Vitamin C intake is important because it helps in the creation of collagen in the body.

5) Tomatoes - Tomatoes contain major carotenoids that helps in the protection of skin from unwanted damages. Nutrients from tomatoes also helps prevent wrinkles from forming and taking over your skin (phew!).

Skincare should always be a top priority when it comes to our daily regimen, especially if you're planning on waxing anytime soon. They help in getting the long-term results that you want when it comes to your hair removal method, all while providing you healthy and glowing skin.