Easy Waxing Tips for Non-Waxers

Easy Waxing Tips for Non-Waxers

“Waxing” as a word can be a bit scary for newbies; non-waxers so to say. However, beyond the concept of pain as you undergo the process is a much more smooth and beautiful skin.

As for experts, they would usually suggest waxing as compared to shaving. This is because waxing gives you a longer lasting result than just simply shaving your hairs off. Waxing takes care of the roots while shaving only takes care of the surface.

So if you are tired of hairs showing after a week or even just days -- eek! -- then waxing should be your new best friend.

Here, we will give you tips on how to have a better waxing experience that will change your view on waxing.


In any waxing process, the first step is to exfoliate. Taking away dead skin on the surface that you are about to wax makes for a much smoother experience. Getting rid of dead skin cells will make hair removal more effective also key to avoiding those bumpy ingrown hairs.

Use Baby Powder

If you've been to some waxing salons, they would be able to assist you professionally. But if you are doing your own waxing sesh at home, then using a baby powder would help. Why baby powder, you ask? It takes care of excess oils and moisture on the hair so the wax can cling more effectively on your hair. That way, you’ll only go once.

Know How to Apply & Remove

Apply in the direction of hair growth with a firm pressure. When wax no longer sticks to the finger tips (10-20 seconds), stretch the nearby skin taut, and swiftly peel off the wax in the opposite direction to your hair growth (peeling as close to the skin as possible rather than away from it).

Check the Temperature

Hot wax can sometimes be really HOT. In order to eliminate those scary moments where you would accidentally burn yourself, always remember to test the temperature first. Try a small amount on your skin before proceeding with the full process.

Use a Good Waxing Kit

Don't skimp on quality. A premium quality wax makes a world of difference, remove hair in one single pass rather than multiple strips, and most importantly leave behind healthy skin.

For a non-waxer, stepping up on the waxing game can surely be a tad bit scary. But if you find the beauty in waxing, it can change your hair game forever.

Check out how to use our Mello Wax kit below: