Does LED Light Therapy Work? (Phototherapy Masks)

Does LED Light Therapy Work? (Phototherapy Masks)

These sci-fi looking masks are an instant attraction! Yet most women wonder if they are just a fad or if they can actually work wonders? Well, to be honest, they do! As cool as they look, they deliver equally well on their claims. And if you are hesitant of embracing this latest beauty gizmo, it's high time you level up your beauty routine to the present day trends.

But first - What is Phototherapy?

If stubborn acne and wrinkles have been your nasty companions, you must have already tried loads of treatment types from creams to chemical peels, and even prescription pills, but nothing could eliminate those devils from your skin. Well, phototherapy can!

Phototherapy is a noninvasive skin treatment, that makes use of LEDs. The light energy from these LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) has the power to accelerate your skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation processes. And hence this scientifically proven technique has been recommended for a range of skin problems, including the elimination of scars, wrinkles, acne, tanning, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. The result being, a flawlessly glowing natural skin.

How do they work?

We'll take the example of acne. Acnes are tiny pores in the skin, just like anyone else, but with the exception that they get clogged with dirt, dust, and dead skin, swelling into a visible and embarrassing blimp on your face. Now, when the light therapy gets into action on those light-sensitive bacteria, they get eliminated. While the shrinking of oil glands (pores) on your skin is a collateral benefit. Similarly, each skin problem is due to some of the other bacteria, which are sensitive to certain lights. So when a particular light is focussed on the skin via these masks, those bacterias get killed, and your skin problem solved.

What Do the Different Light Colors Do?

Not all masks come with all LED lights, and not any light can solve your particular dermal issue. So read below to find out which light masks will be the best for you.

Purple: Purple light can work well for healthy skin seekers, as it improves cell regeneration and self-renewal.

Blue: Blue light is what you can smile to as well. It not only treats and reduces acne production, blackheads and whiteheads but also gives you pearl white teeth.

Cyan: The cool cyan color light is a skin pleaser, especially if you suffer from an irritant skin. And it also diminishes the swollen capillaries on your face.

Green: Almost anyone can buy a green light mask, as it will be beneficial for all, to even out their skin tone.

Yellow: The color of the sun, yet it treats the redness caused by sunburn, rosacea, or any other type of skin inflammation.

Orange: Just like the fruit, orange color light masks can relieve you of your dull and lackluster skin, by advancing your skin to radiate naturally like never before.

Red: The red light is ideal for those seeking anti-aging treatment. It increases the production of collagen (a skin protein ), which results in wrinkle-free, smooth and youthful skin.

Infrared: is the most potent of all, as it has the deepest penetrability into the skin. Thus you can use it for magnified results.

Home vs Clinical Phototherapy Masks

The only difference between the light masks used in clinics and the ones in the home is the wavelength strength. Clinical masks are stronger and thus demand the application of protective measures, like wearing UV goggles over eyes or applying effect enhancing gel, etc. The ones used in homes through a bit mild in comparison are nowhere less on results. Just be sure to use it the right way and on regular duration.

To Conclude!

So far, Marvel has no plans of introducing the superhero character, Iron-Lady. But if they do, these phototherapy masks can be an inspiration. While some of them will be perfect to celebrate Halloween ahead of its arrival. But jokes apart, these masks are not taking the social media by storm for nothing. And if you still have doubts, go ahead and try one. A healthy, glowing skin awaits you!