Do hydrating face serums work?

If your skin still feels dull and dehydrated even after the regular CTM routine, it may result in flakes and wrinkles. Your skin may need some extra care in the form of some hydrating and treating face serums. These serums are formulated to be potent in ingredients to nourish the skin and fix dryness issues deeply. You may increase the potency of the serum with the right application. Using a serum on freshly exfoliated skin will help in better penetration. Ensure that you exfoliate your skin and know how to exfoliate the skin under your eyes for the best results.


The serum has the right concentrations of active and hydrating ingredients that are powerful enough to reduce the pore size and flakiness. It is more nourishing than your face cream and lotion. Although face serums are lighter than face oils and masks as they do not have emollient properties. Therefore, they are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and combinations ones. Keep on reading to learn how the face serums benefit the skin texture and appearance.

Benefits of Skin Serums

Choosing the right serum is the key to get the most out of the magical formulation.

Better Texture

You will see a major improvement in the texture of your skin. Some serums containing vitamin C and vitamin A have a brightening effect on the skin. These will make your skin appear firmer and glow.

Reduced Scars

You will see your skin has fewer spots with regular use. The scars' depth and appearance will also reduce as these serums particularly target these problem areas. The best thing is that serums are that they are non-invasive and nourish the skin while constantly healing it. So, to get rid of marks, you may not need to rely on peels and chemicals.

Fewer Pores

Serums hydrate the skin, which helps in regulating sebum production and pore size. It helps in reducing the pore size and preventing issues such as blackheads and whiteheads. 

Target Fine Lines and Darkness

If your skin has discoloration and fine lines, the serum will help in brightening these areas. With ample hydration, the lines on your skin will fill up and become less visible. This is ideal for smile lines and under-eye lines. Along with some retinol treatment, your skin will appear younger. 

Reduced Redness and Inflammation

Serums ensure that your skin is well-hydrated and does not react to inflammation-causing substances. Moreover, your skin will appear dewy without any rashes over the surface that may occur in dry skin.

Different Types of Serums 

You may feel overwhelmed in picking the right serums for your skin. With different ingredients and skin conditions in mind, you may choose the blend that fits your requirements.

Hyaluronic Acids: It is the most hydrating agent that acts as a humectant to the skin. You can use it any time of the day and enjoy hydrated skin. It helps in maintaining the natural hydration of the skin and replenish the cells. You may include ceramides and amino acids to nourish the skin even more.

Vitamin C: It has anti-aging effects and brightening effects on the skin. Moreover, it is potent enough to encourage cell renewal and repair. With ample collagen production, your skin will feel a boost of suppleness. Avoid the use of these serums with retinol.

Antioxidants: These help in protecting the skin and working as anti-aging formulations. Antioxidants extracts help in fighting the free radicals in the skin to prevent premature wrinkles and age spots.

Retinols: These are other anti-aging ingredients that have a potent effect. However, you can only use these at night to reduce any photochemical reactions.

Anti-inflammatory: In case your skin is sensitive, you may pick serums with zinc, mandelic acid, aloe vera, and arnica to keep the redness in check.

How to pick the best face serums for your skin type?

Now you know about the ingredients and formulations; you can choose a serum considering your current skin situation and type. With changing weather, your skin may need different serums, so keep this in mind. Besides, look for the ingredients that can multitask and deliver more results. This way, you do not need to layer your skin with too many products.

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, consider humectant and antibacterial serums. For anti-aging pick, retinol, and rosehip seed oil serums. Use vitamin C and salicylic acids if your skin is a combination type. I suggest using Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Serum by Mello Beauty as it is one of the top face serums with the benefits of all major vitamins.


The vitamin E and B in the serum will hydrate your skin, while Vitamin C, E, and ferulic acid will work on pores and blemishes. This is an ideal multi-use serum for even-toned skin. Collagen Cycle Serum by Mello Beauty is another one of the best serums for face as it promotes new cell generation. It is ideal for people in their early thirties to start an anti-aging treatment at home.


Now you know all about the hydrating serums for the face, your skin will low glowing and supple regardless of the weather. Ensure you include serums in both AM and PM skincare routines. Check our other articles to learn more in-depth about skincare.