Dermaplaning | Hollywood's skin-care secret

Dermaplaning | Hollywood's skin-care secret

Natural glow...wide-awake eyes...radiant skin! Well, celebs seem to have them all. Sure, they have great genes but they also have amazing makeup artists, stylists, and some very well kept industry secrets! Dermaplaning is one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets.

Celebrities usually credit their glowing, flawless skin to their proficient skin-care routine and habits like drinking a lot of water, avoiding the sun and of course, the beauty products they endorse. If you think that’s all, this article’s gonna change your perception. Going ahead, there’s the inside scoop of celebrity skin-care! Hint- It doesn’t involve gulping gallons of water.

What Is Dermaplaning all about?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic skin treatment that uses a sharp tool to exfoliate your skin. It removes dead skin cells and fine facial hairs with an exfoliating blade. In this procedure, the dermatologist uses a small scalpel to gently scrape the surface of your skin using light strokes. Yes, this sounds straight out of a horror movie but keep reading, as sounds can be deceptive!

Dermaplaning is a way to resurface the skin. Besides, dermaplaning side effects are almost negligible. You may have redness or small cuts but that’s superficial and gets cured soon.

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Celebs Who Have Dermaplaning

Almost all the celebs from J Lo to Katy Perry Derma plane. Well, that might not sound unusual because beauty and its regimes have highly developed. Breaking the stereotypes of using makeup to look good, to adapting skin-care ideas & products, the glamour world has evolved.

But wait, here’s something amazing! It is said that beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, and Elizabeth Taylor were among the celebrities who also underwent dermaplaning. In that era, where makeover and skin-care were merely developing, these beauties knew that removing peach fuzz and dead skin was the best beauty hack to have makeup-perfect & camera-ready skin!

One of Elizabeth Taylor’s well-known roles was Cleopatra - who was a woman rumored to remove her facial hair to get bright & beautiful skin.

You have always been fascinated by the flawless skin of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon or Carrie Underwood. Now you can have that too, with the one and only dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning At Home

Well, if Hollywood is what we are talking about, it needs to be lavish & super expensive. Likewise, dermaplaning sessions may turn out to be expensive depending on the clinic or salon you opt as well as the number of sessions required. An economic & effective way is to dermaplane at home.

If you ever ask a dermatologist about dermaplaning at home, the answer will usually be “no”. That’s not because it’s unsafe to do so or wouldn’t fetch expected results. Of course, you may not have the exact same results as a professional treatment but that’s no good reason to not try it at home!

Professionals will always advise on seeing them for dermaplaning treatments. However, you can easily dermaplane at home with a little effort and a good dermaplaning tool. An added benefit of doing this at home is that it is cost-effective and has high utility.

Dermaplaning at home is the easiest way to get smooth, hair-free skin. All you need is a good dermaplaning tool.

If you wish to know more, here’s a detailed guide on Dermaplaning At Home.

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Who Should Opt Dermaplaning?

If you have heard about this procedure for the first time, you are likely to wonder if you should go for it or not. Plus, since it is so closely related to your favorite celebs, you are sure to be tempted. Here’s the deal, anyone who wishes to remove unwanted facial hair, wants exfoliation and even-toned, glowing skin can opt dermaplaning without any second thought. Besides, dermaplaning is also great for pregnant women or people with super-sensitive skin, who are otherwise unable to use certain products or have exfoliating treatments.

Myths About Dermaplaning

Weird skin-care trends are in abundance. From sheet masks to rose quartz crystal face massagers, innovative skin-care tools and gadgets are introduced almost every day. However, beauty fads come and go but one that stays truly slays! One such treatment is dermaplaning - a practice that is commonly described as shaving your face.

Popularity comes with rumors and myths. So is the case with dermaplaning! Dive in for some myths about dermaplaning.Dermaplaning causes dark hair to grow back

Of all the myths, this one is the most popular. Your hair will grow back with exactly the same color as it was previously. No process can change the structure of your hair follicle by simply shaving it off.

Dermaplaning causes thicker hair to grow back

This is an extension of the above myth. Peach fuzz shaving does not change the structure of your hair follicle! The razor cuts the hair off on the surface level of your skin, without even touching the actual follicle. Hair has a blunt edge, so while it grows, it might feel thicker. However, once it fully grows back, it will look and feel exactly the same as before.

Dermaplaning is painful

Ouch! This myth hurts. Dermaplaning is absolutely pain-free. In fact, it causes lesser pain than waxing, lasering, or threading. It is safe for all skin types, with severe acne breakouts as an exception.

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Dermaplaning can be done with a regular razor

A regular razor can be used to shave your face however, it will not give the same results as a proper dermaplaning tool. Besides, a regular razor will not remove a good amount of dead skin and peach fuzz.

The final word from your philanthropist

Hollywood has always fascinated all of us. The beauty lords of the industry, in particular, have stolen millions of hearts with their flawless beauty. Now you know what’s the real deal with A-list beauty treatments and the glowing skin of celebrities. You can thank me later!

You deserve to be in the best version of your skin and dermaplaning does that for you. If at all you carry it out at home, be very particular about your skin conditions and type. Besides, the number of sessions you may require would be more than that of professional treatments. But hey, that’s totally justified for the lovely you and your adorable skin. Happy dermaplaning!