Debunking Double Cleansing Myths

If you are a K-beauty fanatic, you must be familiar with the term double cleanse. Contrarily, it would be best if you indulge yourself in the double cleansing method to pamper your skin. Besides, if you like to layer up your skin with foundation, mascara, and concealer daily, you know that taking everything off from your skin can be a difficult task. 


Moreover, if you don't remove all the layers from your skin effectively, your skin is not clean, and the other products will not work. However, this may also lead to blackheads and acne.


Double cleansing your face is the most important and backbone of any effective skincare regime. It helps break down all the oil-based impurities, dirt, and gunk from the skin, making it a helpful cleansing method, especially for acne-prone skin. 


Yet, some myths about this popular K-beauty regime keep many people away from trying this out. Therefore, in this blog, we will be debunking double cleansing myths, so you can understand this process clearly and achieve smoother, glowy skin.


What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing is a simple process to understand. Basically, it is a cleansing practice that involves two types of cleansers- one is an oil-based cleanser that removes makeup, sebum, and SPF, and the other is a water-based cleanser that eliminates sweat and dirt. Your skin is exposed to lots of environmental pollutants and grime throughout the day. 


Moreover, just a single cleanser can not remove sebum, sunscreen, and makeup effectively. Therefore, you need a powerful facial cleanser to eliminate all the stubborn makeup, impurities, and sunscreen from your skin. You can follow up with a gentle and hydrating cleanser to evict the impurities without over-drying your skin.


The correct way to perform this method is to choose the cleansers according to your skin type. For dry and normal skin, try to use an oil-based cleanser or even micellar water as the first step of double cleanse to get rid of makeup and sebum. 


Additionally, follow it with a light cream-based cleanser. For oily, acne-prone, and combination skin, use an oil-based cleanser or micellar water as your first step of double cleanse to remove impurities by following with a gel-based, water-based, or even a foaming cleanser as the second step of cleansing. However, double cleansing is misunderstood, and below we have shared some of the myths that are not true. So, Read along!


Myth-1: People with oily skin don't need double cleansing

This myth is one of the most famous misconceptions about double-cleansing. People often take this wrong idea that using an oil cleanser on oily skin is a bad idea or may lead to more pimples. In reality, it is not valid; oily skin produces more sebum and has excess chances of gathering dirt and impurities than normal skin. Therefore, using an oil-based cleanser helps them clear out all those impurities from the face and keep the pores unclog and germ-free.

Moreover, the double cleansing method will help balance the skin's pH level and reduce sebum production without drying down the natural moisture of your skin. 


Myth-2: If you don't wear makeup, you don't need to oil-cleanse

There is no denying that oil cleansers are great for breaking down the makeup, which is only a single impurity type. However, oil cleansers can do much more than that; it removes all the other impurities like excess sebum and environmental pollutants that collect on your skin throughout the day. 


Apart from this, oil cleansers also remove the sunscreen, which you should always apply every day. It breaks down all the oil-based grime and dirt so that when you go with the water cleanser, your face gets deeply clean, and you will have squeaky clean skin. 

Therefore, if you wear makeup or not, it doesn't matter; you need to follow a double cleansing method daily to get rid of everything from your face.


Myth-3: Water-based cleanser will dry down the skin

Many people believe in this myth; they think doing double cleansing will strip off their skin's natural moisture. But, if you are using the second cleanser according to your skin type, you don't have to believe in this myth. There are various types of face cleansers, including micellar water, foam-based cleansers, and creamy cleansers. 

If your skin is dry and sensitive skin, we suggest you go for foam-based cleansers, which are mild; this means your skin will deeply cleanse without drying your face. In case you are using a heavy cleanser in your first step, you must use hydrating products like  Marine Balancing Toner by Mello Beauty to maintain the moisture and pH balance of your skin.


Myth-4: You can not double cleanse your face in the morning

Some people think they can not double cleanse their face in the morning, as they haven't applied the SPF and makeup before going to bed. However, this is not true; your face produces sebum and many oil impurities while you sleep. If your face feels more oily or sticky in the morning, you need to double cleanse your face to pull out all those impurities.


If you follow this method in the morning, you will definitely feel refreshed the whole day. Therefore, don't hesitate to cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser in the morning.


Myth-5: Double cleansing will over-wash your face

There can be chances you can over-cleanse your skin if not done correctly. But oil-cleansers are usually formulated to be gentle on the skin. They don't draw out the natural moisture and ceramides from your skin which are essential to keep your skin healthy. Over-cleansing can happen due to the use of harsh cleansers which over-dry your face.


However, double cleansing makes sure that it removes all the dirt and gunk from the face but keeps the ceramides in place. We suggest one of the best double cleansers: Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser by Mello Beauty, which has the goodness of rosehip oil. It is incredibly mild on the skin and doesn't strip off the natural oils from the skin. Moreover, it controls the excess sebum production and leaves the skin moisturized.


We hope from the above discussion; it is clear that the double cleansing method is mandatory for all, no matter what your skin type is and what products you use. It will not only remove the impurities but also help your skin to look healthy and beautiful. Stay in touch for my next blog, where we will discuss why it is never too late to start a beauty regime!