Dealing with dry and irritated skin? Here's what you need!

Do you feel your skin remains dry even after slathering lotion? It may be because your skin falls under the dry category and cannot produce enough sebum. This may lead to making your skin irritated if you fail to nourish it enough. It is challenging to take care of dry and irritated skin; however, manageable.

Your skin may be susceptible to more dryness if you have conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Some effective tips, along with the right products and routine, can help maintain the skin's suppleness. You can keep dryness away with some heavy-duty moisturizers that have balancing ingredients.

Causes of dry and irritated skin

It is hard to narrow down to just one reason for the skin to appear dry and feel irritated. Several factors, like less sebum, pollution, sun damage, and harsh soaps, may cause dry skin. This can be annoying to deal with daily, and your skin may even appear dull and blemished. If you have stubborn blemishes, read and learn some tips on how to get rid of blemishes on the skin.

Other causes of dry, itchy skin patches are cold weather, prolonged exposure to water, and dry air. Sensitive skin may react to some ingredients, both natural and chemical. Your skin may appear dry if you don’t drink enough water or eat a balanced meal. All these reasons can combine to make the pH and hydration level of your skin wobble.

Fortunately, home remedies and some soothing skincare products may help you achieve healthy non-irritated skin. Keep on reading to learn how to take better care of your skin.

Keep your skin moisturized

Dry skin may need re-application of moisturizers that have emollient properties. It is important to use creams and lotions that do not contain parabens, fragrance, and alcohol. These may lead to more skin irritation and dryness. You can also get dry and itchy skin treatments that are available over the counter.

For at-home solutions, you can apply olive oil and coconut oil to get rid of flaky, dry skin. Besides, follow a regular exfoliating and toning routine for your skin balance and regeneration. Pick a toner that has natural ingredients to combat huge pores and flaky skin. You can try the Marine Balancing Toner by Mello Beauty to soothe redness and irritation in the skin.

Moreover, you can use face oils like jojoba oil and apricot oil. These oils are similar to the human skin sebum and mimic the natural oils to moisturize skin. Keep your skincare simple but be regular with it after each shower.

DIY to get rid of dry and irritated skin

You can find a number of solutions to soothe the dry and irritated skin in your kitchen. Oatmeal scrubs and milk are very gentle for the dry and flaky skin. They can be used without worrying about any reactions and abrasions in the skin. Oatmeal has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.

You can prepare an oatmeal bath by soaking some oatmeal in cheesecloth in your tub. Besides, you can crush the oatmeal to form a gentle scrub by combining it with honey. You can also apply a honey mask to your face to benefit from its moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

Healthy diet

What you drink and eat reflects in your skin more than what you apply on the surface. An imbalanced diet may lead to dull skin, blemishes, and dryness. Your skin needs nourishment to repair the damages and produce new cells. This requires a healthy diet rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

These are important to fight the free radicals in the body and delay the ageing process. Include superfoods like spouts, blueberries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, and dry fruit in your diet. You may also consider a multivitamin to supplement your diet.

Protect your dry and irritated skin

The impacts of weather and pollution should not be ignored when it comes to skincare. You can protect your skin from such conditions with a strong SPF on the exposed skin. Besides, use hats and scarfs to protect your skin from wind and sun.

Your sensitive skincare routine should include protective lotions, gloves, and minimal sun exposure to ensure that your skin remains healthy. Switching to a calming and natural laundry detergent may also help in reducing irritants.

Avoid too much heat

Too much heat can irritate your skin and amplify the dryness. That hot shower may feel relaxing, but it can cause your skin to burn and form flakes. In addition, harsh soaps and gels may also make your skin irritated and dry. The fillers and chemicals used in these products may be the reason your skin feels extra stretchy and dry.

Always ensure that you use a lukewarm shower to avoid any skin scalding. Besides, use a mild milk-based cleanser to clean your skin. A fragrance-free and sulfate-free cleanser are ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Also, consider miming the time spent in water and shower.

Humidifier for hydration

A humidifier is a great addition to your bedroom to retain the air's moisture and remove any dryness in the air. You can add essential oils to the humidifier to make your room smell nice and relaxing.

Avoid allergic triggers

You may be allergic to some ingredients like chlorine in the swimming pool, fragrant products, makeup products, etc. Try to figure out the things that result in irritated skin and eliminate them. Following a simple skincare routine will help you narrow such irritants. If you have sensitive skin type, be cautious in introducing new skincare products.

Consider consulting a dermatologist if your skin has prolonged dryness and irritation. Fighting the root cause may help in soothing the dry and irritated skin along with these tips. Keep on reading to brighten your skin with some simple tips that we will discuss in our next article.