Complete Guide On Sunscreen With All Your Questions Answered (Part III)

Summer is already at its peak, and you must know that when you are beside the pool or out on the beach, you need to slather yourself in sunscreen. It is one of the crucial parts of anti-aging and skin cancer prevention. As your face bears more sun exposure than anywhere else on your body, (however that doesn't mean you don't need sunscreen on other exposed areas), it is essential to apply sunscreen daily. 

sunscreen guide


Prolonged sun exposure can have the worst effects on your skin and is one of the leading reasons for skin damage. A product with a good quantity of SPF or sunscreen lotion is necessary for your daily skincare regime regardless of the season. However, it is mind-boggling to know how much sunscreen should you apply to your face? How to know if your sunscreen is working? Many people struggle to use sunscreen every day due to so much confusion. 

I have covered many questions related to sunscreen in my previous blogs; here in this blog as well, I will share a quick and complete guide on sunscreen with all your questions answered to prevent your skin from sun damage. So, here's what you need to know!

How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply On Face?

Many people don't apply sufficient sunscreen, which is why unwanted tanning and sunburns can befall despite sunscreen application. To achieve proper sun protection, you must use nearly two milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. This means you should apply sunblock similar to a shot glass or two tablespoons of sunscreen to the face and body. But, a nickel-sized dollop must be applied to the face alone. Besides, if you use a sunscreen spray, apply it till an even sheen starts to appear on the skin. 

how much sunscreen should you apply on face

Remember sunscreen should be in the last step of your skincare routine, and you must apply it again after two hours or more often after heavy perspiration, swimming, or toweling off. In addition, do not forget to use the SPF 30 or higher for adequate protection. Make sure you have a broad spectrum labeled on the packaging of your sunscreen, which means it will protect your skin against UVA and UVB. 

How To Know If Your Sunscreen Is Working?

There are plenty of sunscreen choices available on the market. You can select lotions or sprays with a series of SPF numbers. Moreover, some are water-resistant, and they come in a range of costs with all sorts of ingredients. There is sunscreen for every skin type, but how to know if your sunscreen is working? Below I've listed down a few reasons; let's take a look.

how to know if your sunscreen is working

1. Sunscreen might contain the wrong ingredients

Many chemical sunscreens contain avobenzone that is photo unstable and becomes less efficient against sun exposure. So, it needs to be mixed with photo stabilizing agents such as cyclooctatetraene, para-nitrobenzyl, and Trolox. You can even skip the chemical sunscreens and choose a physical sunblock with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are the most beneficial ingredients when it comes to protecting our skin from harsh sun rays. 

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2. It's stored in the heat or sun

When you jump into a store for shopping and find sunscreen lying on the window in the sun rays, keep looking. Just like if you stored your last year's container in a hot garage or glove box, it's time for a new container. When sunscreens are stored at high temperatures or in direct sunlight, they can break down and become less valuable. So, if your sunscreen stopped working, for this reason, it's time to buy a new one and store it in a cool place. 

3. If your skin begins to burn

If your sunscreen is not protecting you from the sun, get to the shade as soon as possible. Besides, you should stay out of the sun if you notice your skin is burning, regardless of how you apply the cream. A sunscreen with stable ingredients will never cause skin irritation or trouble your skin in the direct sunlight. If such a thing occurs, stop using it right away.

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4. If your sunscreen smells unusual 

On applying sunscreen, if your eyes stings or your nose tells you something is not okay with it, trust your instinct. Sometimes, old sunscreen or expired ones will look and smell atypical. So, do not take the risk of applying them again on your face. It will give your skin zero protection and might cause some serious harm to your skin. Whenever in doubt, throw it out. 

How To Use Sunscreen Every Day?

When you apply sunscreen correctly and daily, you will prevent your skin from scorching skin and avoid sun damage. Below, I have shared a few tips to apply sunscreen every day effectively.

how to use sunscreen everyday

  • Firstly, you must wash your face with a gentle face wash to eliminate dirt and pollution. If you layer skincare products on a dirty face, it will clog pores and cause acne or breakout. I suggest you try Rose-Hip Radiance Cleanser as it's an effective yet light cleanser for all skin types.
  • Apply a ¼ tablespoon of sunscreen on your face and nearly two ounces for your body.
  • Use a three-finger rule to apply sunscreen to your face. Put sunscreen on your index finger, middle, and ring finger, then gently dab product all over your face and blend. 
  • Confused, how to use sunscreen and moisturizer? Apply moisturizer first, and then sunscreen. It is best to moisturize your face with a 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer and then layer it with sunscreen for even application. 
  • Always wear sunscreen 20-25 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply every two hours. 

I hope this sunscreen guide part III would be helpful, and many of your questions and doubts are cleared. So, next time when you think of skipping sunscreen, do consider this guide for your help. 

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