Common Body Wax Myths and Facts

Common Body Wax Myths and Facts

Smooth arms and legs are what we women truly look forward to with the beginning of each month. Yes, I am talking about body waxing! However, some people have really weird misconceptions about waxing. As they say, little knowledge is always dangerous, these body wax myths cause people to have a wrong view about the whole practice. Due to this reason, they prefer shaving their body hair which honestly has zero goodness involved.

Therefore, today I have decided to unveil some of the most common body waxing myths so that you look forward to an amazing experience every time you wax.

Before we begin with the blog, I would suggest you have a look at how to make waxing less painful.

Myth #1: Hair Must Be Long

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Fact: Some people believe that you can only wax your legs and arm if the hair is long. The truth is that hair needs to be a quarter-inch long to be waxed off smoothly. Yes, you heard me! So many women wait till the hair on their body comes to its full growth. Not only this make the session a painful one but also very uncomfortable.

Now if you are concerned about tiny hair that won’t come out even while waxing, you can use Mello Epilator Set.

Myth #2: High Risk of Infection

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Fact: Some people are worried about infections related to whole-body waxing. However, infection is almost nonexistent when you are working with a professional who lays emphasis on cleanliness. Apart from that, if you are thinking about body waxing at home, this implies here as well. There is no risk of infection if you carry out the procedure keeping sanitary practices in mind. So plunge into action and don't be scared of

Myth #3: At-Home Treatments Don’t Offer the Same Result

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Fact: Take-home waxing kits come with the same level of quality nowadays. With a little effort, you can easily learn how to carry the procedure at-home safely. Your whole body waxing at home experience will certainly be one of a kind with Mello’s Wax Warmer and Lush Lavender Hard Wax Beans. It also leads to less discomfort and the risk of infection.

Myth #4: Waxing is Extremely Painful

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Fact: People are under the wrong impression that body waxing is extremely painful. It is one of the most common body wax myths and also states that in some cases the pain may be unbearable. It is simply not true at all; however, waxing causes mild discomfort or increased sensitivity.

Myth #5: Waxing Causes Wrinkles

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Fact: I am not really sure what is the source of this myth but some people believe that waxing causes the skin to sag and also form wrinkles over time. However, the skin is supposed to be held tighter during the process which helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells, It actually helps to make the skin more smooth and also prevents the signs of aging.

Mello Beauty offers some of the best waxing beans. You must surely check them out!

Myth #6: One Must Have a High Pain Tolerance

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Fact: Even when people are aware that waxing isn’t that painful, they believe that a person must have a high pain tolerance. Waxing just causes minor discomfort for people and they can easily undergo regular waxing. Even those with very low tolerance can undergo a proper session using pain reduction techniques.

With Mello Beauty, you are never short of options. Take advantage of the pain-free IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset and get hold of a sexy smooth body!


Getting your body hair waxed at home is very effective with Mello. Not only you can cut the cost of these sessions at a salon but it also makes waxing a neat and clean just as you like. These waxing myth busters will surely make your life much easier! Also, here is an easy guide on waxing with Mello Beauty. Read on to make the most of it!

Now that we are facing a hard time in our lives with the outbreak of Coronavirus, I want to ensure that you make the most of your time while staying at home. Stay tuned for some tips that will help you cope while in quarantine.