Collagen Face Cream vs Supplements. What's more effective?

Aging is a natural process that impacts every cell and muscle in our body. Skin aging is directly linked to collagen production and free radical elimination. Collagen is a protein that is naturally present in our body but reduces as we age. There are several ways to boost this collagen production via creams, serums, and supplements. Here we have discussed the efficacy of collagen face cream in battling wrinkles.

Collagen helps in rebuilding the skin and fights the free radicals that are solely responsible for aging. Both cream and supplements go hand in hand when trying to get the best results for your skin. Considering skin as one of the largest organs, age impacts it with the most visible signs. Your skin may start to develop fine lines, look saggy, and develop dark age spots. Read here all the ways that you can boost collagen in your body for better skin and delay the aging process.

Do collagen creams work?

Many studies claim that collagen creams boost the hydration in the skin and make it feel supple. This makes the fine lines disappear from the skin surface and reduce the blemishes. Collagen creams and serums act on the skin’s layer to minimize the look of pores and dark spots that are caused by harsh sun rays and pollution.

Collagen face creams help in replenishing the broken-down skin cells and build the protective layer. These creams and serums will make your skin appear tighter and fuller than before. We suggest Collagen Cycle Serum by Mello Beauty to nourish your skin with the best collagen cream for younger-looking skin. All the ingredients in the collagen serum work against the age clock to reveal healthier and younger skin.

This is the best collagen cream for wrinkles that is great for all skin types. When you pick a collagen beauty cream, look for clean ingredients free from artificial fragrance and parabens. This will work to eliminate any chance of reactions flaring up on the skin. The regular use of serums and creams containing collagen will prove effective in improving the appearance of your skin.

The Right Time for Collagen Face Cream

In case you are wondering what the right age to use collagen is, well, this may differ from person to person. Since collagen is already present in the body, its introduction is nothing new for the skin. The ideal age for collagen creams and supplements can be decided on factors like sun exposure, lifestyle habits, and current skin issues.

Things like alcohol consumption, smoking, and too much time under the sun may trigger the free radicals in the body. This can lead to less collagen production, and your skin may take more time to heal from all the damage. Incorporating collagen creams and supplements in your routine is ideal for getting the best from the ingredients.

You can find creams like collagen eye cream and collagen neck creams to target specific areas. Our eyes have thinner and sensitive skin around them that is more susceptible to aging. A lightweight collagen eye cream will help in increasing the hydration. You can also try collagen patches and masks to reduce fatigue and swelling from the eyes.

How does the collagen skin cream work?

The skin constitutes two layers, namely, dermis and epidermis. The outermost layer of the skin is epidermis that acts as a shield against the pollution, heat, and sunlight. It is the waterproof barrier for the skin to cushion the body and support the functions with elasticity.

This outer layer of skin is permeable to skincare substances like oils and fat-soluble products. Products enrich the outer layer of the skin by penetrating through sebaceous glands and pores. The topical creams and serums help create a more youthful look with the renewal of the skin layer.

With the diminishing ability of the body to produce collagen, it is important to provide it with a little extra in the form of skincare. With daily use, the additional collagen will penetrate into the seven layers of the epidermis to give you a firmer skin. Now let us take a look at how collagen supplements work with respect to the collagen creams.

Do collagen supplements work?

The collagen-containing serums and creams can only penetrate the top epidermis layer. These creams often have vitamin A, E and C to complement the collagen’s efficacy. However, these cannot go deeper into the skin and heal it from within.

The most effective way for the skin to absorb collagen is from supplements and food rich in it. The collagen protein is broken down into peptides and amino acids to fight against aging and free radicals. You can try the best collagen supplement for sagging skin to nourish the skin from within.

How to increase Collagen consumption?

To work on the inner dermal layer, you need to supplement your diet with collagen-rich food. Try to eat more leafy vegetables, fish, bone broth, nuts, and eggs. Besides, you can try powdered collagen supplements that enrich the body to boost production.

These come in the form of pills, gummies, and powder that is easy to consume. Along with skin, they help in the tissue repair and make your bones healthy. The collagen supplements consumed will be used by the body to reduce any aging signs and fatigue. This has a downside, which includes one of the small collagen supplement side effects.

As the body is using this collagen, your body will need a regular dose of collagen. It may become a deficit in the absence of collagen if you try to skip it after a while. So, if you start taking collagen supplements, you have to be sure of their regular intake. However, the same doesn't apply to the collagen creams as they can result in smooth and glowing skin without any downside.

Now that you know the wonders collagen face cream can do for your skin, healthy-looking skin is just a few days away. Stay tuned to find out how toners can help your skin and improve the texture in our next article.