Bumps After Waxing: What To Do And The Natural Remedies

Bumps After Waxing: What To Do And The Natural Remedies

Having bumps after a waxing session is plainly normal. Don’t worry we all go through that; you are not alone. One thing you must know though is that although it goes away by itself, there are a number of remedies that you can do to lessen and speed up the healing time.

Bumps after waxing is mainly caused by the process of pulling out hairs from surface of your skin. This slightly irritates the skin that bumps form right after each waxing.

How to go about this problem is simple; we'll go through some to-dos after waxing and natural remedies that might be a good help for you.

What to do:


If skin starts to redden and irritate: Cold Compress. Pop in a towel in the fridge or the freezer for a while and if it is cold enough, go on and press it slowly to the irritated surface. Cooling down the area can lessen the irritation.


If irritation continues after a few days: Use Aloe gel. When it is okay to use the ones produces by beauty companies, a fresh Aloe gel extracted straight from the plant would be better. This also helps in lessening the irritation on the skin. Witch Hazel extract can also be a good help to calm down the pores on your irritated skin.


To prevent ingrown hairs: Exfoliate. Go ahead and make your own scrub. Mix sugar with coconut oil or olive oil for a sweet sugar scrub. You can also use coffee ground mixed with bakin soda and olive oil as scrub. This is obviously not your gentle kind of exfoliators, thus it is recommended that you use it 2 days after your waxin and most definitely not daily. And while you’re at it, avoid tight-fitted clothes on the surface you had the waxed. This is to let the hair grow freely.


To maintain smooth skin: Moisturize. Always remember to moisturize. Please do so. This will help your skin regain and maintain its smoothness after waxing.

Simple steps and remedies that can be your bestfriend after every wax. Take note and enjoy you waxing session as you do always.

Happy waxing!