Best hair colors to ring in 2021 with a new you

Goodbyes are hard, but this is definitely not the case with 2020! It felt more like a relationship you wished to end much earlier. The wait has been really hard, but it's almost over. So, now that new beginnings await you are you all set to embrace them? 

There were hardly any visits to the salon in 2020, and even if there were, they felt nothing like before. No socializing hence no opportunity to experiment with your looks and flaunt them. Break the monotony, explore, experiment, and welcome the new year with a new you! 

For ages, experimenting with your hair has been the first step to moving on. Cut, trim, press, or curl them up, or better still, color them in a way that they create a style quotient for 2021! 

Let's check out the best hair colors to ring in 2021, the colors that you will see everywhere in the coming season. Moreover, if you have a vivid taste, go ahead, and create your own style! 

Best Hair Colors for 2021

There was never an end to the experiments that people do with their hair color, and the scenario will remain the same for years to come. Subtle highlights that are easy to maintain and coordinate well with your original hair color or the complete hair coloring that changes your look entirely, 2021 will see a mix of both. 

Toffee Tones 

As its winter season and warm hues are much appreciated, toffee tones will be in great demand, especially in the beginning months of 2021. For women with deep black or dark brown hair who wish to lighten them up a bit, toffee tones are the right choice. These natural-looking striped patterns around your face will be great for a perfect new year look. 

Smoky Blue Curls

If you want to experiment with the color as well as the styling a little bit, you are in for a treat! These smoky blue curls significant to the blue open skies are a bold choice. Do the trials to get that right tone of blue that goes well with your natural hair color to give those dreamy blue strands. 

Chestnut Browns and Caramel Glazed

Although for an average person, they can look alike, but if you have that eye for fashion, you know they are not! Chestnut browns come with a little lighter base with occasional brushstrokes creating an effortlessly chic look. On the other hand, caramel glazed is an actual winter shade with all things dark! It is created by combining the two shades from the brown family to give a mesmerizing look. 

Pearl Blonde

Pearl is for those who prefer a softer tone to go well with their blonde hair. The tricky part with this shade is that you need to pick the shade which is just right, or you will have white hair color! Pro-tip: take professional help, never do it yourself unless you are very sure. 


For the free-spirited who fear nothing and no one. Indigo has been on the trending hair colors list forever. Timeless in the real sense, the Indigo hair color stands out a lot with a bob haircut (can it get dapper than this!)

A mix of Blue and Grey

This combination of color trends a lot amongst brunettes. Blue highlights peeking under the silver strands give illusions of a dark stormy night. Your hair game goes two steps higher with a perfect blend of hues in your locks. 

Gold and Silver

One of the most popular winter choices, silver, and gold, is always by each other's side. While silver brightens up your stands, gold can blind the haters with its shine. Allover gold color with silver highlights on the right spots will catch everyone's eye in 2021. 

Burgundy and Reds

Abandoned but still there! It's all about choices. Just like the burgundy wine, this hair color can also uplift your spirits. Choose the right color that complements your complexion, and you are ready to rule the world. Pro-tip: burgundy with a lot of red goes well for ebony skin tones, while the ones with more browns are for the golden skin tones.

Final Word! 

Exploring your hair color options is fun, but be sure to consider your hair health into the process. Some of the things that you can keep in mind before you go all la la with your hair coloring experiments are:

  • Choose the best hair color brand: read labels for any ingredients that you might be allergic to. Whether you are doing it yourself or from a professional, always do the patch test. 
  • Pictures before you Pick the color: If you do not want to regret it later, always prefer referring to the pictures depicting how your future color will look on you.
  • Maintenance: It's not about just getting the color but about retaining it as well. Do all necessary things like using a sulfate-free shampoo, using heat protectant sprays while styling, etc. 

I hope you have made your choice and are all set to welcome 2021 with a completely new look. Happy New Year!