Benefits of Facial Massage

Benefits of Facial Massage

Massage relieves tension in the body. Apart from that, it also promotes circulation and increases flexibility. Just how massages are great for the body, it works the same for the face. It is like a mini-workout that involves facial muscles. Even a few minutes of regular facial massage reduces puffiness, keeps the skin looking young, and increases blood flow. You will also notice reduced fine lines, another plus point!

So today, I shall be telling you how beneficial facial massages are apart from being anti-aging. Well, one of my favorite ways of massaging my face is using a roller. There are various benefits of face massage roller that I will be sharing with you all. Let's start, shall we?

What are Facial Massages?

benefits of face massage roller

Facial massages are just like normal massages but only for the face. The most common technique is to use the hands to apply gentle movements, especially to areas that are prone to wrinkles, muscle tension, or puffiness. A facial massage is just like rejuvenating the skin cells of the face. It drains the tension and fluid from the face to slow down the aging process, thus promoting healthier skin. I recommend massaging the face for about five minutes. It should be done at least three times a week for the best results.

One of the easiest ways to give a face massage every day is with the help of a roller; Mello's Rose Quartz Face Roller is truly the best choice. It is known for the calming feel and much cooler temperature. Rose Quartz stimulates blood circulation and enhances the flow of oxygen as well. Apart from that, it also reduces under-eye puffiness and wrinkles. Trust me; there are many benefits of face massage roller.

Here's how Rose Quartz Roller can make your skin bloom.

Explaining the Benefits

A facial massage has various benefits. Here are some of them explained.

#1. Relieves Tension

benefits of face massage roller

People tend to hold a hold of tension in their faces. Over time these tensions can even cause wrinkles. When we are stressed, we usually tense the eye and forehead area, which can worsen the effects of aging with time. Even a few minutes of facial massage helps relieve the tension. Many a time I have encountered people asking can we do face massage every day and I'd say yes, you only need to be careful about the movements. Making small lifting movements along the jaw and neckline really helps in keeping the skin toned and energized.

Another thing that really helps with the early signs of aging is Mello's LED Face Mask. It comes with light therapy that fixes various skin conditions.

In the next blog, I will tell you how a simple skincare routine can boost your confidence.

#2. Helps Get Rid of Toxins

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Each day we experiment a lot with our faces. Applying makeup and using beauty products may sometimes cause toxins to buildup within the layer of the skin. Not only that, but environmental factors also contribute to dull skin and the buildup of toxins. All of this further contribute to puffiness and breakout, which can only be relieved with a facial massage. It increases the flow of blood and starts lymphatic drainage in the face to flush out the waste and toxins.

To get rid of dirt and pollutants, you should also try using the Ultrasonic Face Cleanser by Mello Beauty. The vibrations accelerate the skin's metabolism and restore elasticity to make the skin tight and smooth.

#3. Boosts Circulation

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Just how exercising helps the body become more active, even a quick facial massage sends a great deal of oxygen to the skin. It also deflates puffiness and detoxifies the skin. Oxygen also increases the production of collagen and growth of cells resulting in smooth and glowing skin.

You and take your favorite serum or even a few drops of coconut oil and massage your face with it. Since there are various benefits of a face massage with coconut oil, I highly recommend it!

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#4. Promotes Relaxation

can we do face massage every day

Apart from the skincare benefits, a facial massage helps relieve emotional tension since these massages help calm muscle tension. After a long tiring day, I love pampering my face with my Rose Quartz Roller and let go of any stress or negativity.

Facial massage is very beneficial for healthy skin. It makes the skin radiant with just a couple of strokes. After reading this, I hope you also give some love to your face and pamper it with a massage!