Beauty Tips While You Work from Home

Beauty Tips While You Work from Home

As much as we love working from home on regular days, being told to do so has surely made a huge impact on our working behaviors. There is less productivity and more fear. Well, we cannot change the present; however, we can change our perspective and look for the good around us.

That is why I have decided to give you some beauty tips while you work from home to help you stay sane and gorgeous at the same time! These beauty tips are for busy moms as well, who can’t find the time to take care of their skin and body.

#1. Dedicate Some Time to Yourself in the Morning

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You may feel like squeezing a couple of more minutes before finally get up from the bed. One of the reasons is because you do not have to commute to your office so you can probably still manage to start your work on time. However, if you really think about it, you can invest some of the time to practice yoga or perform some not-so-heavy exercises at home. It will help you stay fresh throughout the day and make you more alert while you are working.

Apart from that, working from home can make us quite lazy; therefore, it is necessary to keep track of your physical and mental health as well.

#2. Take a Quick Shower and Dress Up

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While working from home, we become so comfortable in the surroundings that showering may seem like a task. There are times when we straight up sit in our bed for hours without having any encouragement to even change our night suits. Therefore, it is essential that we take a shower first thing after exercising and change into some better yet comfy clothes. Not only will it help you maintain the same routine after the self-isolation period is over, but it will also help you stay sane and hygienic during this difficult time.

While you are at it, take some time to take care of your skin. Regular exfoliating sessions are super important. Use Mello’s Microdermabrasion System, which is one of the best beauty tips for springtime as well.

#3. Designate a Workspace

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Work from home doesn’t mean work from the bed. We end up sitting in the same place for hours, which affects the productivity and quality of the work. As if the global pandemic isn’t enough. So to make things easy for you, you need to designate a workspace. Not only that, keep shifting it from time to time. Like if you are working on the table one day, switch it to the sofa the other day. It will help you create an illusion of change and keep you from turning crazy. Also, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

#4. Masks to the Rescue

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When things get too overwhelming, take out a mask from the drawer and set a timer. It is time for some self-pampering session! The best thing about working from home is that you are in control. You can easily rest when work feels a little too much to handle. By resting, I also mean giving time to your skin to heal and grow. Take help from Mello’s Rose Collagen Powder Mask or LED Mask. These are some really good products from Mello Beauty and make sure your skin is always radiant. Masks are surely one of the best skin care tips for a busy schedule.

#5. Make Sure to Wash your Hands

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Your hands are constantly reaching out to your phones and laptops. It is essential that you don’t forget to wash your hands and keep them clean. Also, keep your hands moisturized and prevent them from overdrying.

You can also add a pop of color and paint your nails. Trust me, you will feel so much better.

#6. Face Massage at the End of the Day

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In addition to following these beauty tips, you need to keep a check on your calorie intake as well! Here’s a list of food that you must incorporate in your diet.

Now after wrapping up the work and having dinner, take some time for your nighttime routine. Well, we do not want any pesky pimple on our faces. Once you are through, massage your face with your fingers or use Mello’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller. It enhances the texture of the skin and boosts the production of collagen.

#7. A Good Night’s Sleep

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Last but not least, I would suggest you refrain from using your phone past bed-time. Even though you are working from home, you need a proper rest. A well-rested body means a well-rested mind, and that’s what we need during this time.

So, to all of you who feel like you are trapped at your place and feel unmotivated, here’s a blog on how to cope up with quarantine. As much as we miss our normal life, let’s take time to understand the importance of self-isolation and make the most of it. Remember, all of us are in this together! The above-mentioned skincare tips and tricks will surely come handy to make your self-quarantine better!

In the next blog, I will share some more beauty tips on how to make trendy face masks at home, so don’t miss out!