At-Home Laser/IPL Handsets: FAQs ANSWERED!

At-Home IPL Laser Handsets: FAQs ANSWERED!

All your frequently asked questions answered in one post.

Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

It's not just about the painful screams (or hushed yelps) BUT also the time. Shaving, waxing clipping, or even epilating— they take time! Plus, given the non-lasting results and the need to repeat the process on a regular basis, these hair removal methods make up for an entirely excruciating experience.

Wouldn't it be nicer if there was an easier alternative? Something that doesn't burn a quarter of your Sunday every 2-3 weeks.

Moreover, something that delivers painless and long-term outcome? Enter IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.

Your Ultimate Laser Hair Removal At Home

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a modern approach to laser hair removal, designed to work miraculously and provide users lasting result.

Packing state-of-art technology, the handset uses light energy to permanently destroy the hair cells from any part of your body (excluding the eye area). The concentrated light emitted from it gets absorbed by melanin in the hair, which transforms into heat to destroy the follicles, inhibiting hair growth for a sustainable period.

If you have ever asked yourself how does at home laser hair removal work - you now know! But priority must be given to the quality of the handset when you're purchasing. This is to ensure that you get maximum result per use and also enjoy some premium (and essential) facilities like multiple intensity levels, more flashes, higher runtime, warranty and more.

Perhaps for this reason, Mello Beauty has emerged to be the leading name when it comes to high-quality IPL hair removal handsets. The handset assures you of the desired result in just a few usages. Plus, administered through multiple quality and safety checks, these handsets are gentle on skin and completely safe to use.

Aside from performance, if you're into looks, you cannot NOT fall in love with how compact and elegant the Mello Beauty IPL handset looks.

But wait, let's address a few queries that concerns many buyers.

Are At Home Laser Hair Removal Handsets Safe?

Yes, these at-home hair removal handsets are as safe as shaving and waxing. Countless studies and recognised dermatologists have, in fact, confirmed that this way of stopping follicles from growing new hairs is incredibly effective and downright safe.

However, you should expect temporary side effects immediately after the process. Like, spot redness and irritation are very common. But these effects are very short-lived. They will go away in just a couple of hours.

Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

NO! And it has been proven in a diverse range of studies that at-home laser hair removal DOES NOT cause cancer. These handsets emit a very small amount of light (no radiation of UV light), which is focused on a very exact surface of the skin at that and therefore are no risks of cancer.

Here's what an expert at Skin Care Foundation says, "None of the aforementioned lasers (to remove hair) increase the chances of developing skin cancer — in fact, some of the lasers are useful in treating pre-cancerous lesions, thus reducing the risk of developing skin cancer."

Do At Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work?

Yes, they work on every type of skin, except the one with darkest tones. And they might work beyond your expectations when used appropriately and according to the given directions. Just plug in the handsets and let it do its magic.

You would notice evident changes in your hair growth just after 3-4 treatments, and that complete "wow" effect after 12 treatments. It is generally advised to use the handsets once every week for first 12 weeks, and then slow down to once-per-month usage following that. After this period, you will find very less need to remove hair even in two and three months.

Trying it For the First Time

When using a laser hair removal handset for the first time, it's recommended that you read the ‘User Guide' that comes with the handset carefully. This is to know how to use it, precautionary measures, when to use it and how to get maximised result.

Here are some reviews from our verified buyers:

"So, I purchased this IPL Hair Removal because I have been having a tough time waxing, shaving and epilating. I have been using this for a few weeks now and the results are good so far. I see that some hairs are gone but not yet complete. It does hurt a little bit but it is very tolerable. Using an epilator hurts more than using this thing." – Rebecca (Verified Buyer)

"Happy to be able to do laser in the comfort and privacy of my own home. With great results too!" – Tabitha (Verified Buyer)

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