Are Face Masks worth it?

Are Face Masks Worth It?

Got dry or acne-prone skin? Well, face masking is your one-stop solution. Trust me, it's as simple as that. Facials are workouts for your skin and we are fortunate to have evolved to such an era that focuses more on skincare than makeup. But are they really worth it?

There are numerous skin-care products available in the market but a face mask is the most convenient one. We all love the Instagram trend of face masks. However, it seems as if people are willing to try the skincare trend just because of its popularity.

Is Face Mask effective?

Well yes, a face mask is a great beauty tool that hydrates, cleanses and rejuvenates your skin. It is available in different forms such as a face pack, clay mask, sheet mask, bubble mask, glitter mask and even an electronic LED mask. We, however, tend to make several mistakes while applying such masks. This reduces their benefits and we fail to get the desired results.

These are the most ideal ways to apply a face mask

#1 Firstly You Need to Prep Your Skin

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One of the biggest mistakes that we tend to make while applying a face mask is that we apply it directly. Prepping your skin before the application of any face mask is vital.

  • A face mask should never be applied to a dirty face, clean your face thoroughly before the application.
  • Apply a toner to open up all the pores of your face.
  • Do not apply any moisturizer or serum before. These should be applied after removing the face mask.

#2 Go for a Total Face Coverage

At times we tend to exclude certain parts of the face like the neck, sides, nose and under eyes. For the best results and to avoid uneven tone, it is important to apply the face mask evenly on the entire face.

  • Use an applicator brush instead of hands for even coverage.
  • In case of a sheet mask, place the mask gently and make sure that the cut-outs for eyes, nose and mask are matched appropriately. Use a face roller in an upward direction to adhere the mask to your skin.
  • The more the mask clings to your skin, the more are the ingredients absorbed.

If you are planning to buy a face roller to massage your face or to enhance the effects of a sheet mask, have a look at our Mello Derma Roller and Mello Rose Quartz Face Roller that is hand-carved for rendering unconditional love to your skin.

#3 Do Not Keep Them Too Long!

Keeping any face mask for too long may reverse its benefits. If the mask dries up too much, the dryness can suck the moisture from your skin.

  • The mask shall be ideally removed when it is still a little damp.
  • Stick to the time limit that the directions of the product say.

What to do post-application?

We normally wash off the face with a lot of water and even cleanser after applying a face mask. However, this is not the ideal thing to do.

  • Use a damp cloth instead of water and wipe out the product off your face. Washing the face should be avoided as it renders the skin dry.
  • Do not use any face-wash or cleanser to take the mask off.
  • In case of a sheet mask, apply the extra serum in the packaging on your neck or chest instead of throwing it away.
  • Apply a moisturizer or a beauty oil to keep your skin hydrated.

Face Mask for Acne

Is your skin acne-prone? Here’s some amazing stuff for you!

Many people try to manage acne by squeezing pimples, following a thorough skin-care routine and wearing foundation. Others hope things will improve if they change their diet or expose their skin to sunlight. But which of these strategies really helps?

Several soaps, toners, lotions and creams are available for people with acne. These products are popular because most of the people with acne are willing to spend a lot of time and money on them. One of the most innovative methods in this regard is “ Light Therapy “.

Light Therapy is a facial treatment that uses non-thermal LED light energy to trigger your skin’s natural cell processes. It accelerates rejuvenation and repairs the skin. It’s recommended for skin rejuvenation, sun damage, acne, dermatitis, sensitive and inflammatory conditions, and scarring. Now, how amazing is that !

We have just got the right product for you in this regard. So without much ado, try the Mello LED Face Mask for the most optimal acne removal and to restore your skin’s radiance. “Best Recommended” for acne-prone and dull skin.

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Which Is The Best Face Mask?

Going face masking but not sure how to choose the right one? No worries, here’s your ever-so-handy face mask guide!

Sure, some masks might make Sunday skin-care goals happening. Also, the glitter masks might make a good Instagram story but do these masks really do anything? Do you really want to waste your limited face masking time on products that do next to nothing? I think not.

Browse through the list of best face masks based on your skin type

#1 Soothing Masks

Got sensitive skin? Use a hydration mask with ingredients such as aloe vera, honey. Preferably use a clear gel mask rather than a heavy, creamy mask. There are so many factors that can set you off - too much sunshine, a skincare experiment that has gone wrong and too many active ingredients. In such cases, a soothing mask will do wonders for you.

Want a natural face mask with moisturizing and whitening properties? Have a look at our Mello Rose Face Mask that is made of rose petals to effectively shrink pores, moisturize and brighten your skin tone.

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#2 LED Mask

These innovative masks are an instant attraction! Yet most women wonder if they are just a fad or if they can actually work wonders? Well, to be honest, they do! Sure, they look straight out of a science-fiction movie but looks can be deceptive! They deliver equally well on their claims. Do not give a second thought in embracing this latest beauty gizmo coz its totally worth it. Level up your beauty routine to the present day trends to get the best version of your skin.

Visit Mello Beauty to get a great deal on the Mello LED Face Mask. Luxury Salon Skin Care Just Got Affordable!

#3 Sheet Mask

When your skin needs an instant boost, reach for a sheet mask. A face mask sheet is super hydrating and brightens your skin tone instantly. You can use them before a big event for an instant dewy glow. Sheet masks are drenched with essential serums that render your skin flawless.

#4 Overnight Mask

If hydration is your topmost concern, use an overnight mask 2-3 times a week. If you have dry skin, an overnight mask will repair and hydrate your skin ensuring that your skin retains moisture longer. Apply and leave it overnight and wash the residue in the morning with micellar water.

#5 Detoxifying Mask

A detoxifying mask gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin, drawing out impurities and encourages cell turnover. Preferably use a clay mask with detoxifying properties. It gives you soft, velvety cheeks and calms blemishes. Such masks are best suited for sensitive and oily skin types.

#6 Peel-off Mask

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, a peel-off mask is the best way out. It peels off the layer of dead skin cells and enhances the growth of new cells. This renders your skin glowing and rejuvenated. A fruit-based peel off mask works best.

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Face Mask for “Men”

Who says skin-care is just meant for girls and women? Men’s skin needs the same care as women! Let's take a break from the stereotypes of beauty and skincare because real men take care of their skin. All the above-mentioned face masks are suitable for men depending on their skin types and let us not forget that good skin can not be bound by gender.


One’s skin-care ritual must be simple and straightforward. Does it really require a lot of fuss? Believe me, it is as simple as “One Classic Face Mask”. Add this little element to your daily skin-care and the results will be Absolutely Wow!

Hope this helps… Visit Mello Beauty and explore the salon-quality at-home products. Just in case you wish to grab the how to’s and DIY’s of skin-care and grooming click here

Happy face Masking!