An Easy Guide to Hard Waxing with Mello Wax

An Easy Guide To Hard Waxing With Mello Wax

Over the years, many things have changed, however, opinions about waxing, the good ones, and the bad ones are still there. Women have got a love and hate relationship with waxing. Especially, if you are a beginner, you must not let the fear of pain sink in, rather you must go for it.

There is one thing that all women can admit to is waxing being a painful and pricey affair. However, it doesn’t have to be, because we have got ‘Mello Wax’ which is a stripless hard wax. But before jumping into that what is hard wax? And how is it different from the regular wax.

Hard wax is slightly different from the soft wax. While the job is to remove the unwanted hair, hard wax is comparatively less painful and messier. Since you do not require strips to remove the hair it is way cheaper and convenient. Hard wax is best known to work on short, thin hair as well as coarser hair. But, it is always good to learn the technique first, follow the waxing instructions and then try your hands on it.

How is hard wax different from soft wax?

There are different types of wax available out there. But most of them fall into two categories: ‘hard wax’ and ‘soft wax’.

Soft wax is something that you can use to remove body hair from larger areas like legs, chest, arms, etc. In soft wax, you need a strip to remove the hair which is pulled once the wax is hard.

Contrary to that, in hard wax, a thick layer of wax is applied to the area with a spatula which is allowed to harden and then pulled off. It is a stripless method of removing hair and is comparatively less painful. Hard wax like ‘Mello wax’ is one of the best solutions for sensitive skin and areas like the bikini line, bikini area, face, etc.

hard wax vs soft wax

What makes hard ‘Mello Wax’ beads so different?

The type of wax you choose depends on the preference and the area you are waxing. But certain things make ‘Mello Wax’ different from the rest.

♡ Instead of attaching to skin, the hard wax attaches itself to the hair. The wax hardens in a few minutes and then can be easily pulled off.

♡ Because Mello wax attaches to the hair rather than the skin, it is comparatively less painful.

♡ Hard wax doesn’t lead to the growth of ingrown hair. You can use the hard wax to remove hair in any direction or angle without damaging the follicles.

♡ The Mello wax can be reapplied on the same patch of area, unlike soft wax.

mello wax beads

Getting started with the Mello Wax…

Waxing can be expensive so you can surely try Mello home wax kit and make it all easy for yourself. However, before the DIY make sure you are familiar with the techniques and waxing instructions. Here is a complete guide.

♡ If how to melt hard wax is what is abstaining you from trying hard wax then here is what you need to know. You need to melt Mello wax beans with Wax Warmer on a medium-high temperature until completely melted.

*If you don't have a Wax Warmer you can melt the Hard Wax Beans by placing them into a heatproof container/bowl (without a lid), and then submerging that container into a saucepan of simmering water making sure that the water is no more than halfway up the container.

Lower the temperature on your warmer to a low-medium setting and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes to cool down. You should always aim for a consistency similar to that of honey/golden syrup for best results! (Always test the wax’s temperature before applying!).

Apply the hard wax in the direction of hair growth with firm pressure. When wax no longer sticks to the fingertips (10-20 seconds), stretch the nearby skin taut, and swiftly peel off the wax in the opposite direction to your hair growth (peeling as close to the skin as possible rather than away from it).

*If wax breaks or tears when you try to remove it, it simply isn't thick enough! (you shouldn't be able to see your skin in those hairy areas) simply press the remainder back onto the skin and add more wax to thicken up any areas that may need it & remember to leave the edges slightly thicker for a seamless peel.

♡ So, can you reuse hard wax? Hard wax is one such wax that can be reused. You can melt the wax, strain the hair and then wait for the wax to harden again for reuse.

Enjoy the Mello Wax experience.

Above all: HAVE FUN! Play with your wax, get to know its quirks and qualities and don’t be afraid to experiment. New generation hard waxes like our Mello Wax are a pleasure to use and with a little time invested in learning the correct techniques, anyone can achieve salon-perfect smoothness from home.