Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub for the Skin's Natural Glow

Do you feel your skin is dry and flaky even after applying layers of moisturizer? It could be because of the winter season, pollution damage, or sun damage. One solution to flaky skin is using a good exfoliating cream that will take away the dead skin. In this article, I’ll discuss the fantastic Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub along with the benefits of exfoliation.

Physical and chemical exfoliation to the skin helps take off the dry, flaky dead skin to reveal a new skin layer. Exfoliation should be an active part of your skincare regime as it keeps the skin glowing and youthful. Moreover, it will leave your skin soft and remove whiteheads. Let’s take a look at the benefits of regular exfoliation. Also, read about retinol moisturizer for the anti-aging effects.

Benefits of an Exfoliating and Cleansing Scrub

The Mello Beauty Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub is gentle on the skin. Hence, it performs well for all skin types. Here are some ways your skin may benefit from its amber granules and honey formulation.

Skin smoothening and softening

With the gentle exfoliating action of the scrub, your skin will feel smooth to look at. Moreover, it will be soft to touch without any dry skin patches. The scrub will polish the skin gently and work on the rough areas to smoothen them. Besides, the skin’s pores will also diminish with regular exfoliation to have an even texture on the skin. The honey in the scrub makes it suitable even for sensitive skin beauties.

Boost the blood circulation

The circular action of the fingers while massaging the scrub enhances the blood flow to the skin. It helps in improving blood circulation at a cellular level. Your skin will feel healthier and radiant with the flush of blood to the surface. Moreover, the exfoliating process helps in lymphatic drainage from the surface of the skin. This helps in reducing swelling and puffiness from the face and makes it look more chiseled. You will also see an improvement in the skin tone.

Keep the acne away

The pores on the skin are for the release of sebum and let your skin breathe. But they may clog up due to pollution, dirt, or some makeup products. Regularly exfoliating the skin will ensure that the pores stay clean and don’t accumulate acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, they help in keeping the acne away from the skin. The process will also prevent the buildup of blackheads and whiteheads.

Cell renewal and regeneration

As you know, exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and boosts blood circulation. It will aid in the anti-aging process with cell renewal. You will observe an increase in cell turnover, which helps in eliminating fine lines. Additionally, it prevents new wrinkles from forming as it boosts collagen production in the skin. Exfoliating should be included in your skincare regime if you want youthful and bright skin.

Get the most out of other skincare products

The dry, flaky skin may prevent skincare products from reaching into the skin. These products may not be of any use if they are blocked by the dead skin cells. Exfoliating aids in penetrating the other skincare products deep into the skin to get the most out of them. You should follow up your skin with serum, hydrating mask, and protective cream every time you exfoliate. It will leave your skin looking flawless for a long time.

How To Exfoliate Your Face Using the Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub?

The amber honey cleansing scrub contains amber granules along with honey and vanilla ingredients. The formulation delivers the most gentle exfoliation to leave your skin hydrated and smooth. It also has a soothing fragrance to give you a spa-like experience at home. The scrub contains Magnesium Gluconate, which is essential to restore the minerals to the skin. Besides, it has Glycosaminoglycans that deeply moisturize the skin to combat dry and patchy skin.

The scrub will take off all the skin impurities in a safe and non-irritating manner. So, it makes the scrub ideal for all skin types to fight the early aging signs. Here’s how you can use it for the best results.

Cleanse and prepare the skin

Before exfoliating your face, wash it with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. If you are wearing makeup, ensure that you remove it beforehand with an oil cleanser or a wipe. You may also steam your face to open up the pores before exfoliating. This will prep your skin for a deeper cleansing acting and remove any excess oil build-up on the skin.

The right application method

When applying a scrub, apply an even layer to ensure all the skin is covered for exfoliation. Avoid applying it near the softy and sensitive skin around the eyes. If you have any active sun damage or acne, do not apply the exfoliating cream in that area. Moreover, for an additional moisturizing effect in your scrub, you may add a few drops of serum or facial oil.

Massage gently with the amber honey cleansing scrub

Use circular and gentle strokes while scrubbing your face with wet fingers. This will ensure the scrub granules are not abrasive for the skin.

Wash, dry, and tone

After washing off the scrub, dry your skin, and prepare it for the next steps. Use a calming toner on the skin to close the open pores.

Moisturize and protect

Apply a layer of moisturizer and serum to ensure your skin is hydrated and feels plump. Also, apply sunblock if you are going out in the sun to protect from the UV rays.

Now that you have found the best exfoliant for your skin, it will be easier to maintain the glow with the amber honey cleansing scrub. In our next article, we’ll discuss the 10 Best Skincare Product Gift Ideas for Christmas. You may pick some or all to fill up your loved ones' Christmas socks. It will make them feel pampered over the holidays and make their skin radiant from within.