A Quick Timeline On When To Wax And Why

A Quick Timeline On When To Wax And Why

Part of one's skincare routine entails grooming every little bit of hair that pops up out of nowhere -- hello, underarms! -- and maintaining it for better results. As much as we'd like to keep hairs out of the way (most of the time), it isn't always easybecause of well, nature. If ever you're in the market of grooming your hair shafts the best way possible, sit still and take notes. Here's a quick timeline on when to wax and why.

FACE: Every 2-3 weeks.

Let's face it, facial hair tends to grow real quick without us knowing it... and they become visible overtime! With this in mind, it is highly recommended to wax your facial hairs on a more frequent basis in order to minimise the regrowth. For maximum results, wax around those baby hairs near your brow, lip and chin area in order to tame all of the peach fuzz.

UNDERARMS: Every 2-3 weeks.

Nothing feels sooo good than having to wax your underarm hairs. It's not just eliminating the "itch" factor when hair has regrown, but it's grooming yourself in a hygienic way. If you've done enough research before waxing, you'll know that bacterial sweat clings unto your hair shafts and making unwanted body odour. In order to avoid this, you'll need to wax your underarms every two-three weeks for minimal regrowth. And if you stick to a consistent schedule, your skin will remain smooth and fuss-free.

BIKINI AREA: Every 3-4 weeks.

Bikini areas are always on high demand whenever it's summer season. If you're looking for long term goals when it comes to your hair regrowth, then you should frequent your waxing session every three to four weeks. With this, you're giving your hair the proper amount of time for a full regrowth.

Have you taken notes? It's time to wax on a timely basis, ladies!