An Easy Guide To Waxing Your Legs At Home

An Easy Guide To Waxing Your Legs At Home

We know it's basically fall season... and freezing.

But some situations in life still call for silky smooth pins. We've discussed the timeline on when you should be waxing what and why because part of one's skincare routine entails grooming every little bit of hair that ultimately pops out of nowhere and maintaining it for better results.

Scared to try waxing?

Don't be! If you're down to waxing your leggy features anytime soon, then stay tuned as we're about to let you in on an easy guide to waxing your legs at home! Because trips to the salon are pretty expensive, waxing your legs at home is the next best option.

Prepare your skin properly.

It's a basic fact to always prepare your skin before you wax, regardless if it's the face or the legs, be sure to exfoliate 24 or 48 hours before you decide to have a waxing sesh at home. Otherwise, you may risk yourself with some skin irritation or pesky ingrown hairs. You can use a loofah or a scrub to get rid of your dead skin. In addition, exfoliating your skin helps the wax to grip the hairs tightly.

Wax your skin at the right time.

Because waxing is a process, there's really no need to rush. You have to give your skin the right amount of time in order to wax properly. Make sure your environment is warm when you wax because you want the follicles to relax before you strip them off. The more relaxed the follicles are, the easier the hair tends to slide out. Also, don't try to wax if you're stressed out, anxious or on your menstrual period because it only magnifies the pain.

Choose the right wax.

Let's face it, not all waxes yield the same result so be wary of the type of wax you'll be using. Are you going to use hard wax or soft wax for your hair? If you're unsure, you can check out our post about which wax goes where.

Pro tip: enjoy the learning process while you're at it! It will take some time before you perfect everything, but you'll definitely love the silky-smooth results.