9 Ways Cold Weather Helps you Look Young | Winter Beauty Benefits

9 Ways Cold Weather Helps you Look Young | Winter Beauty Benefits

If I tell you winter season helps your skin look young, would you believe? Obviously not! Who would think chapped lips, dry skin, and red nose are a sign of younger skin? Hold on, there’s more to all the winter beauty benefits.

Yes, the crisp cool winds in the winter actually prove to be beneficial for your skin. Not only your skin gets a break from the allergies and puffiness that come with the hot weather but the winter season also helps you lose weight much quicker! Here are some ways that determine that cold weather helps you look younger. Let’s get started!

#1. Cold Weather Clears Pores

winter beauty benefits

The cold weather benefits the skin by reducing the production of sebum which is known to make your skin look oily while clogging the pores with dirt. The pores can also trap the excess oil which leads to breakouts and pimples. Also, the drop in temperature acts like an astringent and reduces clogged pores, thus helping your skin look clear and refined.

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#2. It Rejuvenates the Skin

winter beauty benefits

When you splash your face with cold water, it tightens the pores making your skin look radiant and glowing. However, using cold water in winters can be a nail-biting experience. So when you think of a hot water bath, don’t worry about drying your skin. It actually opens up the pores and you can exfoliate better leaving soft supple skin!

#3. Time to Welcome Pink Cheeks

winter beauty benefits

Cold temperature makes your blood vessels become more responsive which causes redness in the cheeks. When your face is exposed to the cold outside, you can embrace that all-natural blush look. We advise you to keep your blusher at home every once in a while and get that radiant tint!

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#4. Winters Help Revive Tired Skin

winter beauty benefits

Say bye-bye to bad air quality and welcome crisp and clean cold air. The winter season is a great time to be out there and enjoy long walks in the fresh air. Winters helps revive your skin’s natural texture while rejuvenating it.

#5. Winter means Less Tanning!

winter beauty benefits

Even though winters means less exposure to the sun, that should not stop you from applying a layer of sunscreen. However, winters prevent your skin from getting all tanned and dark. It also helps prevent wrinkles. Your skin products are more likely to seep better during winters as compared to the summer season. Therefore, get your hands on all the essential products this winter season.

#6. It’s the Best Time to Try Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

winter beauty benefits

As winter approaches you can try permanent hair removal treatment. Not only the treatment will work better during this time but there are chances of fewer reactions. Even if there are reactions you will be able to hide them until they heal!

#7. You Sleep Better in Winters

Getting around 7 hours of sleep is essential for your skin’s health. It reduces dark circles under the eyes and makes sure your complexion stay glowing. During the summer, many of us don’t get proper sleep since the heat makes us uncomfortable. The body’s temperature needs to be cool if we are looking for a sound sleep. Therefore, may doctors believe that a room that is slightly cool contributes better to a night’s sleep.

#8. Winter Helps You Burn Fat

winter beauty benefits

This benefit is more like an all-over-your body effect of winters. However, it can make a significant impact on your appearance. A 2012 research stated that cold weather triggers calorie burn. To be more specific, cold temperature signals your body to burn the brown fat which makes the winter season a catalyst for weight loss.

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#9. It is the Perfect Time to Try Bold Make-up Looks

winter beauty benefits

While everything around you is dull and gloomy, you can add more drama! Try a bold make-up look highlighting your lips and eyes and turn heads this winter season.

While winter means welcoming running nose and dry skin, it can actually help you look younger. Yes, the positive effects of cold weather on the skin are many! It helps reduce puffiness and prevents the pores from getting clogged. Also, you will be able you reduce weight quickly than in summers. So get your best foot forward and embrace what winter brings with itself. Make sure you take care of your skin and don’t overexpose it to the harsh weather while trying to look younger!

Also, the next time we meet, we shall be talking about treating winter dehydration. So stay tuned!