7 Ways How LED Mask Can Transform You From Damsel To Diva

7 Ways How LED Mask Can Transform You From Damsel To Diva

Have you ever envied the flawless beauties on your TV screen, with not a spec on their face? And all that’s visible is their radiant skin that shines brighter than your glamour dreams!

I can feel that!

But what if I say that you can have the same glow on your face?

Yes, it’s true! Pinch yourself!

However, it’s possible if you make the addition of an LED mask into your beauty routine. LED face masks, if you have not heard of yet, is the latest gadget that has taken over the skincare realm by a storm. It has immense benefits, and is completely free of chemicals, besides being noninvasive. So even if you have sensitive skin, you are good to go for a LED mask.

So, let's pull off the curtains from the suspense, and read about how LED light therapy masks can actually help you transform from a damsel to a diva, in no time.

Mello Beauty LED face Mask

#1. It will remove your stubborn acne scars

LED mask is one of the most effective beauty gadgets that can help you get rid of even the most stubborn acne scars. Moreover, it also shrinks your skin pores, and if you might have got it, there will be limited or no future breakouts. Consequently, your blackheads and whiteheads issues will also be resolved. However, older scars may take longer to go, in comparison to fresh scars. But if you keep using the LED mask consistently, you’ll see visible results.

#2. Different color lights can treat different skin issues

Most LED face masks come in two color lights, which are red and blue. However, some of the devices have up to seven color lights. Now the point to note is that different color lights have different impacts on the skin. For instance, blue light has antibacterial properties, and red light helps in treating inflammation and shrinking pores. So ideally you must buy a LED mask that has different light colors so that you can specifically target different skin issues.

#3. LED light therapy is noninvasive and chemical free

LED light therapy masks are absolutely noninvasive and free of chemicals. All you have to do is plug in the device, put it on your face after selecting the settings, and off you go. Besides, it’s not harsh at all, and

#4. It has minimal side effects

As discussed in #2, LED face masks to emit different color lights for different skin benefits. These lights usually lie in visible light range, which is usually considered safe. Moreover, they do not emit ultraviolet light, which might have had some major side effects. So the side effects of LED Mask are limited to redness, rashes, and minor inflammation. At the same time, there are a few concerns to be cautious of. For example, if you are already taking Accutane for your acne, LED therapy might give pronounced side effects. Such users must first consult their physician or dermatologist.

LED mask before and after results

#5. An LED face mask can calm irritant skin

Seems to be untrue, but an LED face mask is one of the best ways to soothe your skin burns and rashes. The trick is to use the optimal light colors. For instance, white light tightens the pores and reduces inflammation, while red light reduces cytokines, which cause chronic acne and inflammation. So it's a win-win from multiple color lights of your LED mask.

#6. You may go out immediately after a session

Even though LED mask can cause some redness immediately after, it's safe to go out with some makeup on. In case your destination is a little far, you can skip the makeup too, as the redness will go away anyways. So feel free to undergo a LED light therapy session, anytime, any day.

#7. You’ll get a youthful and refreshing skin

LED mask, especially with its red light can effectively enhance the collagen production in your skin. Collagen is a structural skin protein which usually starts decline after the thirties, but is responsible for younger looking skin. So consequently, with smoother, even toned and wrinkle-free skin, you will look younger than your actual years. However, you’ll have to undergo multiple procedures over time, in order to maintain the results. But that ain’t a problem. Is it?

Mello Beauty LED light therapy mask

Hey Beautiful!

All in all, once you see all the above-mentioned benefits working on your skin, another thing that’s set to boost, is your self-confidence. Besides, it’s pretty much painless and super chic to put on. The results will be visible even after the first use, and then it will be hard to part ways with this amazing treatment. However, for best results, you must try Mello Beauty’s LED mask, which is available in two cool colors - White and Gold, with all seven color lights.

So without much ado, grab your LED Face Mask and see the magic unfold. Fingers crossed!