7 Signs You Are Using The Wrong Beauty Products

7 Signs You Are Using The Wrong Beauty Products

There's no dearth of beauty brands advertising themselves as the providers of top beauty products. But little is your power to gauge the authenticity of their claims. Alas, however good they are, no product works the same way for different people.

But then wondering how to take care of my skin?

Check out the top signs that the beauty product you are using is not safe for your skin. Besides I have also mentioned some troubleshooting tips, to reduce these signs and regain your natural skin.

#1. Sudden Or Gradual Acne Breakouts

Can a beauty product result in acne on your face? Yes, that’s a possibility. While many beauticians agree that whenever you switch a product after long term usage, minor acne can appear. And these will go away in a few days, as the skin gets used to the new beauty product.

However, in case the acne breakout seems severe, or your skin is not acne-prone in general, immediately stop using the product. You may preferably go for anti comedogenic products (that do not clog pores) to keep your skin healthy. If you do not know your skin type, click here and unlock the mystery!

#2. Facial Skin Stings Or Burns

Having a burning or stinging sensation immediately after using a product is another sign that the product you are using is not right for you. Many skincare products like cleansers, bleach, face packs, and masks, etc, when applied on the skin leave give a slight tingling sensation. But if this tingling turns stingy and makes you feel uncomfortable, hold on!

Depending on the severity of the burn, you may either immediately stop using the product or add an emollient to reduce its severity. Besides, you must also take care to keep it a distance from the eyes and lips during application on the face.

#3. Bumps And Swelling

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Tiny red bumps that can be distinguished from normal acne, with or without light to severe swelling tell you that you got a reaction from your beauty product. These also indicate that the product possibly clogged your skin pores due to the presence of excess oils, or emollients.

However, it is not always the above-mentioned ingredients that can cause itchy bumps on your skin. Depending on personal sensitivities, food allergies can also cause such swelling on your face. Check out some safe facial treatments that are less likely to react on your skin.

#4. Allergic Rashes

When a product leaves your skin feeling red and itchy, there is no alternative than discontinuing it. Choose fragrance-free hypoallergenic skin products, as most of the time it is the synthetic fragrances and colors that cause rashes. Acrylates and preservatives could be other culprits for your rashes.

Additionally, make it a thumb rule to patch test any new product, especially if you have sensitive skin. Besides, when your skin itches, apply a cooling and soothing ointment that will reduce the rashes, and avoid touching the skin in the affected area. For less invasive facial cleaning, microdermabrasion is a rash-free option and gives excellent results.

#5. Too Dry And Chapped Skin

Most exfoliating skincare products are supposed to rid the skin of harmful ingredients. But when they are too harsh on your skin, they can also peel away the essential layer of moisture from your skin. Excess dehydrated skin, increased visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, cracking, and chapping of the skin are some common after-effects of a wrong skincare product.

These usually contain alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol, which also have loads of benefits for your skin. You must preferably change the product. But in case the dryness is minimal, you may refresh your skin with an adequate moisturizer or reduce the product with a time gap.

Anyways, make it a rule to use a moisturizer after you apply skincare products, be it foaming cleansers or a face pack. To exfoliate cum nourish your skin without drying it out, try Mello Beauty’s 24K Gold Collagen Face Mask.

#6. Heightened Sensitivity To The Sun

Most products with ingredients like vitamin C extracts, AHA, Benzoyl Peroxide are meant to reduce the skin’s shade or treat acne. But they also make the skin extra sensitive to the sun. What they actually do is induce a chemically induced reaction on the epidermis that increases the production of Melanin with even minimal exposure to the sun. The skin may first become red hot like a tomato, and gradually you may notice a darker tan on the exposed area on your skin.

It is advised to use such skincare products on days when you will not be venturing outdoors or at night time.

#7. Excessive Oiliness

Dealing with oily skin is quite a fuzz. Human skin has natural oil secretion in the skin which is a natural moisturizer. If you use products that pull out more oil than required, your skin will become too dry. Result? The skin will run its natural algorithm and secrete even more oil.

So if you see that your skin is lubricating more than normal, you might want to replace it with higher water content products. The best will be the ones that contain hyaluronic acid, or natural ingredients like aloe, glycerine, etc.

Wrapping Up!

By now you are acquainted with the most commonly found signs of using a wrong beauty product. And I hope you will stay more alert and keep these signs in check and react immediately. Albeit, whenever you face the severity of any of these signs, immediately consult a doctor to get it treated.

Yet, Mello Beauty has some cool products that will help exfoliate, cleanse, wax, reduce wrinkles, message, and hydrate your skin. And the best part is that none of these are invasive or react on the skin.