6 Tips To A Silky Smooth Waxing Session

6 Tips To A Silky Smooth Waxing Session

If you’re one of us who’s constantly basking under the sun as a beach bum, or just wanting to wax in preparation of the summer season, then you’ll want to read on some tips on how to get the best out of your waxing experience at home. It's important to note down some pointers for that silky smooth waxing session. Trust us, things will be completely satisfying with these tips:


Did you know that when the hair is too short, the wax can't pick it up well enough to remove it. And when it's too long, it prevents wax from adhering and causes more pain. Two to three weeks of growth or about an eighth to a quarter of an inch of hair, is generally an ideal length for most regions.


Start your after care routine with a lukewarm shower and a little soap to clean your body, making sure to dry thoroughly. Exfoliating is key to preventing ingrown hairs, removing dead skin and lift trapped hair. Using a scrub or loofah 2-4 days beforehand is always best to avoid any tenderness or redness on the day of your waxing session.


Healthy, well-moisturised skin allows the wax to release more easily. Too much moisturiser, however, could coat the hair and interfere with the wax's grip, so avoid moisturising on the day of your waxing session until afterwards!


After melting your Mello Wax, always be sure to test it on the inside of your wrist before applying. Hard wax should not be uncomfortably hot on your skin. If it feels too hot, leave to cool for a couple of minutes and test again on your wrist. If it’s still not spreading easily and has a stringy texture, it is too cool and will need a bit more heating time.


If there is still leftover wax after doing your at-home waxing session, use coconut oil to break it down and rub it all over the area until the sticky patches feel smooth. (Bonus: It's antimicrobial, so it'll help keep bacteria at bay.) Keeping your skin moisturised and supple before and after your wax is super important! Using aloe immediately afterwards to calm any redness or irritation.


Once you get into the habit of waxing, your hair tends to “remember” the routine and won’t grow back as quickly as usual. Obviously, this changes from person to person. However, many people tend to experience a slow-down in hair growth as they get into a routine.

Be sure to tick these tips off for your next waxing session at home!