6 Lesser Known Facts about IPL Hair Removal

6 Lesser Known Facts about IPL Hair Removal

Embarrassed of those sturdy body hairs that grow back even before your vacation ends?

Say no more, except ‘hello!’ to IPL hair removal routine!

IPL or the Intense Pulsed Light is a smart way to beat those uncomfortable body hair days. The gentle IPL hair removal devices can be used at home, to give you a smooth and soft skin that you’ll love flaunting around. Plus, gone will be the days when your body hairs decided the length of your dress. However, despite becoming a popular hair removal method, there are still many who are skeptical about IPL’s effectiveness. And if you are one of those, we are glad you stumbled upon our page. For here’s a tiny list of some lesser known facts about IPL Hair removal treatment, that you must know to dwell in the luxury of a hair free skin. It’ll be a quick read!

#1 IPL’s not Laser

Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but no, they are not the same. And the root of this confusion lies in the similarity of the techniques they employ. Both make use of light energy, which when focussed on the hair, is absorbed by Melanin pigment (present in the hair), which in turn warms up the hair until it burns to its grave. So, both kill the hair from the follicle.

But what makes IPL hair removal different from lasers is the type of light sources they employ. Lasers removal technique blasts hairs with intense light energy having the properties of a laser. IPL hair removal, on the other hand, uses broad-spectrum visible light. Moreover, IPL emitted light has short wavelengths and thus has the capability to target specific structures on the skin. Also, Lasers have deeper penetrability into the skin, which is more than what is necessary for destroying hairs from follicles. So you can obviously avoid it by using IPL hair removal. Another point to note is that IPL broad spectrum light spreads out more than laser light, so you get better coverage in case of IPL.

#2 It pains a lot lesser than waxing and threading

Facing the heat is never easy and hence IPL procedures normally sound painful. But to your surprise, they aren’t really. In fact, using IPL Hair Removal only feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin but that too for a short mini second, and lo and behold, it will be gone. If you really want to know more about how much pain you will have to endure read here. So, even though different people have different pain reception capacity, it will be much less painful than the waxing strips pulling your skin away from your bones. And we can give that in writing. (Oops, we just did!)

#3 IPL hair removal is entirely fuss-free

No wax strips, no spare clothes, no clutter, no commotion! Yes, IPL hair removal is that fuss-free. All you need is an IPL handheld device, and of course hairs on the skin to remove. Moreover, you don’t really have to follow any procedures before going under the IPL beams. Feel free to shave, or exfoliate your skin, but you are advised to not pluck your hair from the root, as that’s what the IPL handset targets on. Just a word of caution, try avoiding the sun immediately after an IPL hair removal session.


#4 It’s fast and so are the results

IPL hair removal throws a beam of light onto the skin in short flashes, which last for only a fraction of a second. But destroys many hairs at once. You just have to gently glide the IPL hair removal device atop your skin, while it does its amazing business. It will only take you minutes for small areas like upper lips and forehead, though for larger areas like legs and back it might take up to an hour.

And since it damages hair from the follicle, you will notice reduced hair growth. Each one of you has a different level of hair growth, besides each hair has a different growth cycle. Yet, you might notice visible results right from the second or third use. In fact, on consistent use, the hair regrowth will be largely diminished or halted for good.

#5 IPL hair removal handset is a one-time investment

Apart from your skin, IPL hair removal is absolutely easy on the pocket as well. Once you buy an IPL hair removal handset, you won’t need to spend on any additional refills, or accessories, etc. Besides, most devices have a long life and rarely have to face any mechanical issues. For this reason, IPL is a cheaper alternative to most other hair removal methods, including waxing and IPL’s close relative - laser removal at the clinic. So there’s nothing to lose, except, of course, your body hair!

#6 IPL’s are absolutely safe

Most IPL hair removal devices are completely safe to use. Most IPL’s are clinically approved, and come with all the necessary instructions for use. They cause only slight side effects, which might seem like a slight sunburn on your skin, which will fade away in a couple of hours or less. For a limited time, you will also have to stay away from the sun, saunas, hot water, or just anything that has heat or warmth. IPL technique is also proven to be noncarcinogenic and may remove some of the precancerous lesions on your skin.

You only have to be careful of where you are buying an IPL from. For instance, if you buy Mello IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, you can rest assured of its quality, efficiency, and results.

A finishing note!

You can also use IPL on all body parts, though it gives exceptional results on the upper lip and bikini areas. You can even carry it conveniently in your luggage or handbag if you are off to longer vacations. While it’s free yoga when you glide it over your body. So just embrace IPL hair removal, and save yourself from the painful wax appointments or the spiky regrowth by using razors.

An IPL hair removal device definitely deserves a spot on your beauty routine! After all, it’s about time you bask in the glory of smooth and silky skin that lasts more much than your long vacations!