6 Eyebrow Growth Tips That You Didn't Know

When it comes to eyebrows, many women are obsessed with having thick and long ones. Thick eyebrows add depth and dimension to your face, which helps frame the features beautifully. However, years of over-plucking, threading, or waxing can damage their growth and leave empty patches instead. For those wanting to have that one facial feature look flawless without resorting to makeup tricks, trusted brow products are available for purchase. These fill in gaps seamlessly and make it seem like you've got perfectly thick eyebrows. 

eyebrow growth tips

There are many methods to enhance eyebrow hair growth. Below, we've curated a list of some eyebrow growth tips that you didn't know, and they will help you to transform your eyebrows in months. Besides, if you're someone who naturally has thin brows or is experiencing slow or stunted growth and wondering how to grow thicker eyebrows, then this blog post is for you. It's necessary to look after your eyebrows, just like the rest of your face. They are often neglected even when you shape them and groom them with makeup regularly. To stimulate growth for thicker brows, try these essential care tips. 

Six Best Tips To Grow Fuller Eyebrows

Many people want full, lush eyebrows but find that they're not as easy to grow. All hope isn't lost; keep reading for some excellent eyebrow growth tips on how you can get the brows you've always wanted. 

1. Massage your brows 

If you rub your brows before going to bed, it can help promote hair growth. Stimulating blood flow aids in keeping each follicle healthy and strong so that they produce a full head of locks. Maintaining good circulation is critical for growing thick eyebrows since the body needs nutrients to create new ones. 

eyebrow growth serum

Aside from this, exfoliating your eyebrows can also help to achieve fuller growth. You can use a smooth thin toothbrush or even an old mascara wand to exfoliate the eyebrow area to restore the hair cycle mildly. Just bruising them daily with a tool will encourage good eyebrow growth. 

2. Find a good eyebrow conditioner

Conditioning is key when it comes to achieving fuller and well-groomed eyebrows. Look for hair product formulas that contain ingredients such as vitamins or natural oils like jojoba oil to provide healthy nutrients to your eyebrow hair. 

eyebrow conditioner

Besides, various products can help make your brows look fuller and healthier. Some eyebrow conditioners contain soy protein-packed formulas, which make it seem like they've made your eyebrows grow longer. Other options include peptides, lipids, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), and botanicals for those who want more realistic solutions. You can try Collagen Cycle Serum, a volume-building serum infused with peptides and can also be used to massage on eyebrows. 

3. Try eyebrow growth serum

Serums are often used as a beauty regimen in skincare, but they can also be used on your brows. If you're following all of these steps and still aren't seeing desired results, try an eyebrow growth serum. The serums also come with applicator brushes that will refine your brows and give them a nutrient boost to grow thicker.

eyebrow growth serum

It encourages hair growth by incorporating some good-for-your-brows ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera, which go right down deep into hair follicles. They do their magic boosting healthier-looking locks from root to tip while also providing hydration benefits. You can even try eyebrow growth oil like rosemary and castor oil that helps to energize the hair follicle; apply the product with a cotton swab twice a day. 

4. You can go for brow treatments to thicken eyebrows

Thick and dark eyebrows are all the craze these days. If you prefer to maintain a more natural look and want something that lasts well, then you can try these two options, microblading or brow lamination. Microblading includes filling in your eyebrows with strokes of semi-permanent makeup, while Brow Lamination levels and coats existing hairs to generate a fuller look using natural hair.

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5. Trim Your Brows

You won't go wrong with a trim. If you're starting to lose your brow game, brush them up and then give yourself an even cut. Ensure not to overdo it, though; if they start looking too short, take some time for the tweezers instead of getting carried away. 

eyebrow growth tips

You can use pencils or gels to fill in the gaps and create a fuller look. Some of these products also contain conditioners, so not only will you have healthier brow hair, but your brow hairs will also grow more quickly. 

6. Get to the root of the issue

It is vital to know the reasons behind your thinning brows. Some people have genetics that makes their eyebrows thinner, but if you are losing hair from your once-thick brows, it might be because of fungal infection, allergic reactions, or an autoimmune disorder like alopecia areata.

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You might not have realized the extent to which your eyebrows affect you. From allergies and stress, people can experience hair loss due to eyebrow makeup or powder. But of course, age and smoking also contribute immensely. The first step is determining the cause, whether it's an allergy that needs handling or a vitamin deficiency, to get those brows checked out. 

I hope these eyebrow growth tips are helpful for you, so the next time you find yourself struggling with thin brows, head over to this article. 

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