6 Beauty Tips to Pick from Milan Fashion Week 2020

6 Beauty Tips to Pick from Milan Fashion Week 2020

Season after season, the Italian designers make sure to blow everybody's mind. No matter how simple a look was, the Milan Fashion Week 2020 gave us some very subtle yet gorgeous beauty ideas. I believe beauty and skincare go hand in hand. Therefore, along with beauty solutions for skincare, I have come up with the best ideas to pick from the Milan Fashion Week 2020. Without further ado, let's get into it!

#1. Deep Reds - Lipstick

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Red lipstick is the most timeless makeup item to exist. No matter how you style your hair or how you do the rest of your makeup, a pop of bright red will automatically help you stand out from the crowd. Trust me; whenever I feel low, a red lipstick instantly perks up my mood.

Milan Fashion Week 2020 has once again displayed that you can never go wrong with red!

Just when you know you will be wearing red lipstick, make sure you pamper your skin a little more. Take help from Mello's Ultrasonic Face Cleanser, which will not only promote blood circulation but will also make your skin tight and smooth. For the women turning 30, add this ultimate step to your skincare routine.

The lip color will inevitably pop out and add more to your charm.

#2. Hoops

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Earrings make everything better, especially if they are larger than life HOOPS! At Milan Fashion Week 2020, numerous designers made sure this exclusive piece of jewelry gets more and more recognition.

These not only define your beautiful face but add more to your overall grace. Buy these immediately if you don't own a pair and upgrade your style.

#3. Doused in Glitter - Nails

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Your hands are truly one of the most noticeable features. Keeping this in mind, Milan Fashion Week 2020 made sure the models wore glitter on their nails like a badge! Shimmery nail art needs every bit of recognition; therefore, search for all the ways you can incorporate this look at life's most special moments.

To ensure your hands look beautiful as ever, cleanse them with Mello's Electric Cleansing Brush. Not only it works wonders for the face, but it is equally beneficial in pampering the hands. Trust me; your hands will bless you for such a great cleansing session.

Here is a blog that contains different nail art ideas. Well, I wrote this for Valentines this year but who cares! Pretty nails are a forever kinda thing!

#4. Glowy No Make-Up Look

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Milan Fashion Week 2020 was no short of beautiful models displaying a "no makeup" makeup look. With nude lip shades and smoky eyes, you will never fail to impress the onlookers. Another way to perk up your nude makeup look is by applying a bold, winged eyeliner.

Ensure you look your best and carry this look with grace, using Mello's LED Face Mask. It will rejuvenate your skin and help you look more stunning! It sure is one of the most vital beauty and skincare solutions.

For those who can't use a product because they don't know if their skin is dry or just dehydrated, stay tuned. I shall be writing about it in the next blog.

#5. Short Hair Don't Care

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More and more women are now opting for short hair. This year, Milan Fashion Week displayed different looks and hairstyles, and one of them was chopped hair. If you plan to switch your hairstyle anytime soon, keep short hair into consideration.

#6. Subtle Eye Shadow

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While bold metallic eye shadows look glamourous, there is no competition to subtle colors on your eyelids. The 2020 Milan Fashion Week saw many models gracing the ramp with this look.

However, there are times when you have those stubborn dark circles around your eyes. No matter how much you conceal your dark circles to apply a pretty hue on your eyelids, they still show up.

Here is a solution. Use Mello's Rose Quartz Face Roller and get rid of dark circles. Roll it over your face every night before going to bed and make sure you get that glow in the morning.

Milan Fashion Week 2020 was all about new ideas. There are so many beauty and fashion tips that can be infused to your own personal style. These simple and inexpensive tips are all set to make a difference in the way you dress.