5 Tips To Look After Sensitive Skin | Spring Skincare

5 Tips To Look After Sensitive Skin | Spring Skincare

Taking care of sensitive skin is quite a tough task. It reacts to almost everything you apply. Moreover, the changing weather further aggravates the reactions, which can cause rashes or other skin issues. Keeping this in mind, I will be sharing some tips to look after sensitive skin. These include some of my absolute favorite products. Since we have enough time at home with our family, I suggest you show your skin some love.

How do you know if you have a Sensitive Skin?

tips to look after sensitive skin

Before diving further, it is essential to be familiar with your skin type. Sensitive skin can be a little trickier to determine, while other skin types have a completely different texture. There isn’t a definitive checklist used to define sensitive skin. However, if your skin reacts to certain products that have fragrance or alcohol, it is likely that your skin is sensitive. In addition to this, if you have sensitive skin, you may see patches of flaky and irritated skin.

Read this guide to know more about different skin types.

How to Look After Sensitive Skin?

Now that you know signs of a sensitive skin-type, here are some tips to look after sensitive skin.

#1. Use a Mild Moisturizer

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When you have sensitive skin, it is essential to layer it with a mild moisturizer and never skip it. It must be light-weight and help to strengthen the skin’s barrier since sensitive skin is more prone to the signs of aging. With continuous use, your skin will feel smoother and firm as well. Other than that, you must also invest in a cleanser that is not too harsh on the skin. Some ingredients to look out for sensitive skin are perfumes and alcohol.

There may be a chance that your skin is more than just sensitive, and that is what is creating issues. For the same reason, I would suggest you must include a few minutes of facial steam in your skincare routine every now and then. Try Mello Beauty’s Facial Steamer Personal Sauna. It helps to clear the pores and promotes the overall texture of the skin.

#2. The Importance of a Face Mask

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Sensitive skin is prone to various conditions like eczema and rosacea. To give your skin a calming boost, you require a face mask. Now, if I can truly count on one product, it would be Mello’s LED Face Mask. It is one of the favorite products that I use.

The mask comes with seven wavelengths of light that combat the signs of aging and also keep rosacea and eczema in control. Moreover, it leaves the skin looking all smooth and soft. Trust me; you will never regret buying this product.

Pro Tip: Sometimes we use products mindlessly, just because it works for your friends, it doesn’t guarantee the same result. There may be many repercussions if you use the wrong products on your skin. Here is how you can know if you have been using the wrong product.

#3. Avoid Sun Whenever Possible

 tips to look after sensitive skin

I know we have been at home, and there’s nothing better than soaking in some spring sun. However, the sun can easily burn your skin, especially if it is sensitive. Therefore, even when you sit in the sun for like a few hours, wear sunscreen. Apart from that, sake shade during peak hours. It is advised to look for a sunscreen that is formulated especially for sensitive skin.

#4. Soothing Sensitive Skin

 tips to look after sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can feel more irritated. To avoid this, you must try using cold compresses. Other than that, bathing in hot steaming water should be avoided at all costs. Use luke-warm water so that your skin isn’t stripped off protective oils. Sensitive skin can turn dry and flaky very quickly; therefore, as I have already mentioned, use mild moisture to keep it hydrated. If you feel your skin needs a soothing effect, use aloe vera gel. It works great on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Even the area around the eyes is very sensitive. Therefore, it becomes essential that you use products like Mello’s Rose Quartz Roller. It should be used right before you go to sleep at night to see the results.

#5. Keep yourself Hydrated

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Hydration is the main key when it comes to skincare; therefore, make sure you drink enough water. Also, now that the weather is changing, you need to lay more focus on eating juicy fruits and vegetables. These are rich in antioxidants, which are great for the skin.

While taking care of your skin, you need to make sure you know the right techniques. The above-mentioned tips to look after sensitive skin are extremely easy. These must be inculcated in your skincare routine to achieve glowing skin.