5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mello Home Wax Kit!

5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mello Home Wax Kit!

It's officially summer, and by now, you should have amp up your hair removal game in order to keep up with all of the beach activities you're going to go through this season. Plus, no one wants a hairy body when flaunting a bikini, right? Not that there's something bad about it, but let’s face it, having smooth silky hair is ideal for the skin.

Thinking of purchasing a wax kit so you can experience a salon vibe at home... but too swamped with all of the scary details if waxing is really painful, doesn't "pull out" enough hair and wax beans difficult to find? Well, we've got you covered -- first off, owning a home wax kit is the best choice ever. Why? Read through below:

It's an emergency touch up.

Got a wedding to attend but got zero time to head to the salon for that silky smooth skin? Your friends dragged you to the beach and you’ve been wanting to wear that bikini… and your usual salon lady just got booked out? Your home wax kit is to the rescue. Just turn the wax warmer on, put on the beans and strip away!

Things are just smoother for longer.

When you wax, your hair is just silky smooth and it usually takes weeks before hair grows again! You don't have to worry about shaving every few days just to make sure you’ve got things in check in your hair removal routine.

You save some cash on expensive salon trips.

Not that we are against salons (it’s always a good idea to get some help from the pros!), but you literally save enough cash when you ditch the usual salon trip every now and then. You can use the extra money on treating yourself to coffee. Sounds like a plan, yes?

Convenience is the keyword.

Ever been frustrated with having to constantly reheat microwaveable wax to keep the ideal consistency and temperature? Maintain the perfect working temperature with your Mello Wax Warmer and have the convenience of heating as much wax as you need for the session. Only plan to do a small area like your eyebrows or arm pits? You’ll only need a handful of wax beans and that’s it, you’re good to go.

Pamper nights at home.

Nothing beats a night in with your gal pals, and pamper nights at home is usually a fun occasion to throw! Invite your friends and do a waxing sesh in the convenience of your home; no expensive trips to the salon, just pure fun with your wax kits — and silky smooth hair at the end of the day!

Now that we've got things covered, it's time to go get yourself a home wax kit and start stripping away for that silky smooth skin worthy of the beach this summer!