5 Reasons Why Waxing May Not Be Working For You

Have you been waxing these times but you seem to feel like waxing isn’t working for you. No matter how much you want to permanently change from shaving to waxing, you just still can’t say so. You might have been doing it the wrong way than it should be done.

Here are 5 reasons why waxing isn’t working for you.

Reason #1: Wrong length. In waxing, a certain length is required for hair to effectively pull out from the surface of your skin. It is suggested that hair length should be 1/4 to 1/3 inch length for the wax to grab well on the hair. Now if it is too long, it’s more likely to break while in the process of pulling. And yes, longer hair means more pain.

Reason #2: Hair is not clean. You might taken this fact for granted. Remember that you cannot just immediately go in with the wax without cleansing. Oils and dirt can prevent the wax from grabbing on to the hair so make sure you cleanse first. There are pre-waxing cleansers available on the market. Well otherwise, you can use just your regular cleansers.

Reason #3: Wrong waxing way. Yes, you might be applying the wax the wrong way. Take not that for waxing to smoothly done, you should apply the wax towards the direction of the hair, and pulled opposite way. So you might be doing the other way around which results to a waxing failure.

Reason #4: Surface is not dry. For wax to grab well, make sure the surface is dry. After washing or applying pre-waxing cleanser, make sure to dry the surface completely. Some even apply baby powder on the surface to completely get rid of oils.

Reason #5: Wrong wax. You might be using the wrong wax type for the wrong surface. Take note that there are two types of wax. The soft wax and the hard one. Soft wax are the ones that requires the use of strips. This type of wax is bet used for thin hair. While there is also the Hard wax which is the type of wax that doesn’t require strips for you wait for it to harden before you pull it out. This type of wax is best used for thick and coarse hair.

So have you been contemplating on where could you have been doing wrong? Waxing has it’s own know-how and it actually takes time for you to grasp the technique. But hang in there, I’m sure you will get how on the long run.